Cleaning guidelines and instructions

The best way to take care of your barista coffee equipment is by following the correct cleaning guidelines and instructions for various coffee machines and coffee machine equipment. The more you know about the specific cleaning requirements of your coffee machine, the better you can maintain it, and let’s be honest, the fresher your coffee taste will be.

The best principle to follow is to know which exact coffee machine you use. Is it a coffee capsule or pod machine, or a fully automatic bean to cup or espresso coffee machine. The second most important thing to know is if your machine has a brew chamber that can be cleaned. And does it have a removable water tank, and milk circuit or steam wand.

Depending on which parts your coffee machine has, there is very specific cleaning guidelines for both domestic and commercial bean to cup or espresso coffee machines, right here. You can also find cleaning instructions for filter coffee machines and milk systems.

We’ve tried making it as easy as possible for you to identify your specific type of equipment. However if you did not find cleaning instructions for your specific coffee machine below, please feel free to contact us here. We will happily help you get your machine as good as Nu.