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Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules for Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

Compatible with Lavazza® A Modo Mio® Coffee Machines

Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

Compatible with Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

  • Quality eco-friendly ingredients
  • Cleans inaccessible areas such as nozzle and spout
  • Unique foaming action for highly effective cleaning
  • Eliminates old coffee and bacteria build-up
  • Improves coffee flow and taste
  • Prolongs lifespan & efficiency of machine
  • Easy-to-use: Run, rinse, ready!
  • Capsules are fully recyclable
  • Intertek Certified, read more here
  • Includes 4 cleaning capsules for Lavazza® A Modo Mio®
  • Not a descaler: Please also descale regularly
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How to

How To clean your Lavazza A Modo Mio Coffee Machine with Caffenu Cleaning Capsules

Cleaning your Lavazza® A Modo Mio® machine couldn’t be any easier! Eliminate old coffee oils, odours, and bacteria at the simple press of a button.

Simply insert the Caffenu® cleaning capsule as you would a coffee capsule. Run, rinse, ready. Simply follow the easy Step by Step guide below. Use a cleaning capsule after every 30 coffees made.

Place large container under spout. Insert cleaning capsule. Press button for small cup.

Wait 1 minute. Then press button for large cup.

[If your machine automatically ejected the capsule, simply re-insert (Caution: Hot!) and press button for large cup.]

Eject Capsule.

Caution: Capsule is hot after extraction.

Close lever. Press button for large cup twice to rinse.

Discard solution.

Top Tip! Use cleaning solution to soak your drip tray and capsule basket.

Product info


Do you know that your A Modo Mio® coffee machine can become a hot spot for bacteria and germs? It is quite easy for the brewing chamber, spout, and washer plate in these machines to gather old coffee residue and oil. A combination of this build-up and heat makes it an attractive space for bacteria. A descaler unfortunately cannot reach here, so a different cleaning step is needed.

The Caffenu® Lavazza® A Modo Mio® compatible cleaning capsule was specially formulated with a unique foaming action to efficiently clean these inaccessible areas of your A Modo Mio® coffee machine.

Its quality, yet eco-friendly ingredients clean areas of the brewing chamber that plain water or a descaler won’t reach, ensuring a properly cleaned machine. Thus, giving you a fresher and better-tasting coffee, free of old residue and germs. You also get a coffee machine that works like new, with improved flow and machine performance.

The capsule is easy to use, and fully recyclable. It is intended to enhance the flavour of your coffee and increase the lifespan & performance of Lavazza® A Modo Mio® coffee machines.

Ideally use one cleaning capsule after 30 cups made, or at least once a month. It is also highly recommended to use a cleaning capsule when switching between beverages like tea, flavoured coffee, or hot chocolate.

Why the Caffenu® cleaning capsule?

Coffee capsule and pod machines gather residue and oils with each coffee brewed. Those residues gather in and around the brewing chamber as well as the spout and nozzle and are known to attract bacteria. Furthermore, the residue and oil build-ups can cause poor machine performance and slow coffee flow when the brewing chamber and washer plate get blocked.

It is important to note that one cannot clean this area with usual cleaning procedures such as flushing hot water or even descaling. Those parts are hard to reach and require a unique foaming action to reach the inaccessible parts of the A Modo Mio® capsule coffee machine.

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule releases a powerful, yet eco-friendly foaming agent that clears your machine of all residues, oil, and germs in just 2 minutes. Cleaning is literally now as easy as making a cup of coffee.


Millions of happy customers

5 stars review

The pump in my A Modo Mio seemed to be straining so ordered these pods to unblock any tight areas in the system, if they existed. Machine still similar, so maybe it is not to do with a blockage. Glad to have the pods on hand though, they make keeping the spout/dispersal area clean and sanitized anyway!

Alex Dusek purchased Caffenu Cleaning Capsules for Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

5 stars review

Convenient to use regularly, clean machine again.

 Filip purchased Caffenu Cleaning Capsules for Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

5 stars review

The only way I could find to keep my Lavazza machine clean. It works and costs little effort. The price is reasonable. I do it once a month and it feels enough. Together with antikalk it keeps machine young as day one.

Andrea purchased Caffenu Cleaning Capsules for Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

5 stars review

Good product for bright and fresh tasting coffee! Keeps my A Modo Mio coffee machine in tip top condition!

Kirk L. purchased Caffenu Cleaning Capsules for Lavazza® A Modo Mio®

United Kingdom

Your Lavazza® A Modo Mio® coffee machine needs you. The washer plate, nozzle and spout cannot be cleaned with hot water nor with descaling.

However, inserting a cleaning capsule just like a coffee capsule reaches those inaccessible parts and cleans them within minutes. Enjoy fresh, germ-free coffee, in just a few easy steps.

Dirty washer plate of a capsule coffee machine

Swipe right for after

Clean washer plate after using 1 Caffenu® cleaning capsule

Swipe left for before

Dirty and blocked coffee spout

Swipe right for after

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule removed all the dirty blockages

Swipe left for before

Machine compatibility

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule is compatible with all Lavazza® A Modo Mio® machines at date of manufacture including:

Lavazza® Jolie®
Lavazza® A Modo Mio® Simpla
Saeco® Piccina®
Electrolux® Favola
Lavazza® Tiny®
Electrolux® Magia


What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Our A Modo Mio® compatible cleaning capsule and liquid descaler have two separate functions. The cleaning capsule works the front section of your capsule machine, eliminating old coffee oil, as well as residue from the brewing chamber of your machine.

Using the descaler will maintain the back area, removing limescale build-up from your machine’s boiler, pipes, and pump. Both are essential for the upkeep of your A Modo Mio® machine.



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This capsule cleans your Lavazza® A Modo Mio® coffee machine

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule designed for your Lavazza® A Modo Mio® does exactly what you need to maintain it. Its unique foaming action is effective in cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your A Modo Mio®, such as the nozzle and spout.

Play button Watch now

How to clean your Lavazza® A Modo Mio® coffee machine

The Caffenu® Lavazza® A Modo Mio® compatible cleaning capsule was formulated with a unique foaming action to clean inaccessible areas of your A Modo Mio® coffee machine. Watch this video to see just how easy it is!



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