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2022 Highlights

Once again, another year has come and just about gone. 2022 has been an […]

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Common Nespresso® Machines issues and how to fix them.

You love your Nespresso® machine, and it gives you love. You clean and descale […]

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Easy step-by-step instructions to descale your coffee machine, kettle and urn!

Descaling is a very important step in maintaining your coffee machine & ensuring you […]

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Top 3 Common Mistakes in Espresso Preparation

Have you ever splurged on some seriously good beans only to end up with […]

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How to clean your group heads, gasket and shower screens

It is no secret that only a clean machine makes the best coffee. Any […]

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Things To Look Out For Before Buying A Coffee Machine

You may have a coffee obsession and want to buy a coffee machine, but […]

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The Top 4 Most Popular Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning products and how to use them

Cleaning and maintaining your coffee equipment is as important as the coffee you buy […]

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Eco-friendly cleaning products and how they work

The 22nd of April marks International Mother Earth Day. We celebrate this day to […]

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How to clean your Nespresso machine the eco-friendly way

Cleaning your Nespresso machine has never been easier, with the easy-to-use Caffenu cleaning capsules. […]

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Why is it important to clean my espresso coffee machine?

The importance of cleaning your espresso coffee machine cannot be stressed enough. This holds […]

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Remember to clean your coffee machine!

Coffee machines are essential pieces of equipment in households and the hospitality industry around […]

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Always eject a coffee capsule after brewing

Ever got so excited to try a new coffee in your capsule machine that […]

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