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Caffenu® Eco Descaler

Remove limescale, mineral build-up & rust for hotter, better tasting coffee.

Eco Descale

The power of Caffenu:


Your Machine
needs you

The inside of coffee machines builds up limescale and calcium deposits which sadly hinders the performance of your machine. If the heating element or thermoblock are covered in limescale, the machine is unable to heat up the water efficiently, resulting in cold, bad tasting coffee.


For hotter, better tasting coffee

Limescale and mineral deposits should be removed regularly by properly descaling your machine. Even though vinegar would remove some scale, it only does half a job. You want to be using a proper descaling solution, like the Caffenu® Eco Descaler, which has been specifically developed for the descaling of coffee machines and is eco-friendly at the same time.

Eco power

100% natural and safe to use

Caffenu®’s liquid descaling formula is eco-friendly yet highly effective, made from biodegradable and organic materials. The formula uses premium active ingredients which are 100% phosphate-free and chlorine-free, and leave absolutely no residue behind. All that is left will be hot and fresh tasting coffee.


What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Using a cleaning capsule/cleaning tablet or using a liquid descaler are two very different things! They take care of completely different parts on your machine.


Depending on the type of coffee machine you have, you would either use a cleaning capsule (for capsule coffee machines) or a cleaning tablet (for fully automatic and filter coffee machines).

The cleaning process takes care of old coffee residues, oily build-up, odours and tannins. Cleaning works where your coffee is brewed and passes through.

A descaler does not have the foaming power to remove residues and oils out of the brew chamber. So flushing your machine with water or descaling alone is not enough.

Cleaning is essential on any type of coffee machine.



The descaling solution enters the system through the back part, the water tank of the machine. The descaler breaks down calcium and limescale deposits as well as rust build-up on the internal parts of the machine, such as the pipes, pump and boiler.

Descaling ensures the hygiene of your machine’s internal components. Our anti-bacterial descaler naturally takes care of the sanitization of your equipment.

Our Caffenu® Eco Descaler is suitable for all coffee machines, kettles & urns.

How often should I descale my coffee machine?

Certain machines have a descaling light that will inform you when your coffee machine needs to be descaled, but don’t worry if your machine doesn’t. A standard rule of thumb is that you should descale your machine regularly, at least every 2-4 months.

The recommended usage might increase depending of the hardness of the water you are using in your area.



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