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Keep your coffee machines clean the nu way

Caffenu makes important maintenance tasks, such as cleaning & descaling your coffee machine super easy, with the push of a button!

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Your Coffee Machine Needs You!

At Caffenu, we believe that every coffee should be made to perfection. Take care of your machine and it will take care of you. Explore our range & taste the difference in your next cup!

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Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

Struggling with poor slow flow and bitter taste of your Nespresso® Original coffee machine? Worry no more. Learn how to clean it with Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules.

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Caffenu® Eco Descaler

Descaling your coffee machine improves the taste of your coffee but also extends the lifespan of your coffee machine. We show you how easy descaling can be.

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Barista on Cleaning

Award-winning Barista Mischu knows why cleaning your coffee equipment is so important. He explains why you should clean your home & commercial coffee machine.

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Cleaning Capsule in Action

Take a look at how the Caffenu Cleaning Capsule works to prevent and remove the build-up of old coffee oils and residue from your machine.

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Caffenu® Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning your fully automatic coffee machine on a regular basis is highly necessary if you want it to continuously produce a great tasting coffee. We show you how by using eco-friendly Caffenu® Cleaning Tablets.

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Common Nespresso® Vertuo® Problems and Issues and How to fix them

n this blog, we troubleshoot some of the most common Nespresso® Vertuo® issues users have run in to and tell you how to fix them. Read on to identify your problem and have your Vertuo® running as good as new in no time.

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How to descale your Nespresso® Vertuo®Coffee Machine with the Caffenu® Eco Power Descaler.

In this guide, we will walk you through the entire descaling process, from preparing your machine to flushing out the descaling solution. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have your Nespresso® machine descaled and ready to brew delicious coffee in no time.

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Difference between Alkaline and Acidic Milk Frother Cleaner

Baristas and coffee lovers alike can agree that the ideal cappuccino or latte is served with perfectly textured and heated milk, which is achieved through the frothing and/or steaming of said milk. The taste and texture of the milk, on the other hand, are dependent on a well-maintained milk steamer or frother.

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Millions of happy customers

5 stars review

These capsules have totally revived my coffee machine which was on the verge of being chucked out. Now the coffee tastes better than ever.

Amazon Customer purchased Caffenu cleaning capsules

United Kingdom
5 stars review

It’s probably the best product I’ve bought for a long time, it instantly took the bitter taste of the coffee. Very satisfied and use it again with confidence.

Johnny purchased Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit

South Africa
5 stars review

Works perfectly well on a Jura machine at a much better price point than the proprietary brand.

Marco purchased Caffenu cleaning tablets

5 stars review

Wow! It works! Keeps my coffee machine in tip top condition, totally worth it.

Adam purchased Caffenu cleaning capsules

5 stars review

I can taste the difference in every cup. Completely changed the way my machine works. Use both capsule and descaler.

Kim purchased Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit

5 stars review

As it says – as easy as making a cup of coffee. Nice to have something to clean my Nespresso machine. The water is flowing much better after cleaning my machine.

Nelia purchased Caffenu cleaning capsules

South Africa

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We believe in the perfect coffee

It should be enjoyed fresh and clean

We here at Caffenu® believe that every coffee should be made to perfection. The actual quality of the coffee you drink matters, and so does the cleanliness of your coffee machine.

Drinking coffee from a dirty coffee machine is like drinking from a dirty cup. No matter how good the coffee is you put through it, it might taste bitter and could also have a bad effect on your health. We know through testing and extensive research that old coffee residue, build-up and germs can end up in your next cup if your machine is not clean.

Sometimes we tend to forget about the importance of cleaning our coffee equipment or find it a hideous task. We believe that it should be easy for you to make that perfect, fresh coffee. That is why Caffenu® provides you with innovative cleaning solutions to care for, clean and maintain your specific type of coffee machine and equipment. Simply clean your coffee machines with Caffenu®.

We constantly develop eco-friendly and efficient products such as cleaning capsules, cleaning tablets, descaling or milk system cleaners. Choose the right cleaner for your machine, and experience your coffee like NU again.

With Caffenu® cleaning is now as easy as making a cup of coffee.