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Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner

Suitable for all milk circuits, steam wands & other dairy equipment

Acidic Milk System Cleaner

Suitable for all milk circuits, steam wands & other dairy equipment

  • Advanced formula
  • Easy dosing bottle
  • Removes rancid milk residue
  • Kills bacteria & germs
  • Increases equipment performance
  • Extends dairy equipment lifespan
  • Includes 1 x 1000ml acidic milk system cleaner
  • Up to 32 doses – use 50 ml per dose
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How to

How to use the Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner

Important: Follow cleaning instructions as per your respective manufacturer’s user manual.
Recommended usage: It is recommended that you clean your milk system at least once a week.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area and away from foodstuffs.

Cleaning Instructions


  1. Create cleaning solution: Mix 50 ml of the Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner with 500 ml of cold water.
  2. Insert suction tube into cleaning solution or if available, fill solution directly into milk container.
  3. Run entire solution through milk circuit.
  4. Repeat process with clean cold water to thoroughly rinse all components.


  1. Create cleaning solution: Mix 50 ml of the Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner with 500 ml of warm water.
  2. Soak/submerge steam wand and other parts for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Rinse all components thoroughly with clean water.

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Product info


Cleaning and maintaining steam wands, milk circuits and frothers is as crucial as any other maintenance routine. Additionally, milk circuits and steam wands can become clogged due to build-up of milk calcium. This can lead to machine failures, and rancid milk particles mixing in with your next drink.

The Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner prevents clogging, thoroughly cleans, as well as maintains any coffee machine’s steam wand and milk circuit. The acidic solution is also fit for removing rust and limescale build-up from diary components that frequently come in contact with water/steam.

Proper cleaning and maintenance ensures each cappuccino and latte is made to perfection, without the sour milk.

Furthermore, the Acidic Milk System Cleaner effectively cleanses and maintains any coffee machine’s milk system or milk circuit, from automatic one-touch milk circuits to steam wands, and any other dairy-based equipment.

Why the Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner?

What is the extra benefit of maintaining and the upkeep of your dairy equipment? It is of course the taste; preparing the perfect latte or macchiato is essential.

Keep your dairy equipment clean, so you can ensure your next latte or cappuccino is flawless and free of sour milk particles.

Using the Caffenu® Acidic Milk System Cleaner also extends the lifespan of your dairy equipment through regular use and maintenance.


Steam wands and milk circuits build up rancid and sour milk particles. Additionally, the jets on a steam wand, as well as the pipes inside a milk container can easily become clogged. Build-up and blockage in these dairy components can lead to machine damage, but also have adverse effects on your health.

The Acidic Milk System Cleaner simultaneously cleans and sanitizes all dairy equipment. Frequent cleaning and maintenance ensures the ultimate coffee experience. Cleaning also prevents blockage, helping your equipment last longer. All milk residue is removed within minutes.

Steam wand showing rancid milk stains

Swipe right for after

Steam wand sanitized & cleaned

Swipe left for before

Steam wand Jet can easily get blocked

Swipe right for after

Regular cleaning avoids blockages

Swipe left for before


Choose your option

The Caffenu® Milk System Cleaners are available as an acidic-based solution and an alkaline-based solution.

Acidic Milk System Cleaner

  • Low pH Level.
  • Removes limescale, rust, and milk deposits.

Universal Alkaline Milk System Cleaner

  • High pH Level.
  • Specifically removes milk proteins, fats, and oils.
Go Alkaline

Machine compatibility

This Acidic Milk System Cleaner can be used on any steam wand, milk circuit or any other dairy equipment.

If you run a coffee shop, clean your steam wand at least once a week.

You may not see the build-up on the outside, but the jet and pipes do build-up milk residue. And no one really wants to drink that with their next cappuccino or latte.





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