Caffenu® Combo Kits

Cleaning & Descaling, the two crucial maintenance steps combined in one convenient Combo pack.


Your Machine
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All kitchen appliances need regular cleaning, and that includes our coffee machines. The natural oils found in coffee beans leave an oily layer behind in the nozzle and spout of your machine, the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which makes your coffee taste bitter. And it could negatively impact your health. Even the water we use may leave behind calcium or other mineral deposits which can lead to colder coffee as the heating element gets blocked.


Only a clean machine makes the perfect coffee

Our Descaling & Cleaning Kits have got you covered. The eco descaler works on the backend of your coffee machine, removing limescale, calcium and other mineral build-ups. The cleaning capsule covers the front parts of your coffee machine, the capsule removes old coffee oils and bacteria from the brewing chamber, spout and nozzle, all at the press of a button.

Eco power

100% natural and safe to use

Caffenu® uses premium, eco-friendly ingredients for both cleaning pods and descaling. All formulas have been specifically developed to be 100% phosphate-free and chlorine-free while being highly effective. Our ingredients leave zero residue behind. Only great tasting coffee is left to be enjoyed after you cleaned and descaled your coffee machine.


What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Using a cleaning capsule or using a liquid descaler are two very different things! Both products clean completely different parts on your machine.


The Caffenu® cleaning capsule cleans the front part of your coffee machine, the brewing chamber which consists of the capsule chamber, washer plate, nozzle, and spout.

This is where your coffee is brewed and passes through. The capsule releases a powerful foaming agent that cleans inaccessible areas, getting rid of old coffee oils, build-up and bacteria in just 2 minutes.

A descaler does not have the foaming power to remove residues and oils out of the brewing chamber. So flushing your machine with water or descaling alone is not enough.

Caffenu® cleaning capsules are available for the Nespresso® system but also as a Multipod for Caffitaly®, K-Fee®, Verismo®, Expressi® and Tchibo® Cafissimo®, as well as for Lavazza® A Modo Mio® coffee machines.


The descaling solution enters the system through the back part, the water tank of the machine. The descaler breaks down calcium and limescale deposits on the internal parts of the machine, such as the pipes, pump and boiler.

Descaling ensures the hygiene of your machine’s internal components.

Our Caffenu® Eco Descaler is suitable for all coffee machines, kettles & urns.

How often should I clean and descale my coffee machine?

We recommend that you clean your capsule coffee machine at least once a month or after every 30 cups of coffee made. Use a cleaning pod, quick & easy to use, simply insert like a coffee capsule. Run, rinse, ready.

When it comes to descaling, it is important to note that certain machines have a descaling light that will inform you when your coffee machine needs to be descaled. We do however as a general rule recommend that you descale your machine every 2-4 months. The recommended usage might increase depending of the hardness of the water you are using in your area.


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