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Caffenu® Multipod Cleaning Capsules

Compatible with Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Tchibo® Cafissimo®, Expressi®, Verismo®

Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

Compatible with Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Tchibo® Cafissimo®, Expressi®, Verismo®

  • Unique foaming action reaches hidden areas
  • Cleans & restores brew unit and spout
  • Rids your machine of old coffee and germs
  • 100% Organic & Safe to use formula
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Boosts coffee extraction, flow and flavour
  • Improves machine durability
  • Odourless and leaves no residue
  • Fully recyclable capsules
  • Intertek Certified, read more here
  • Includes 4 Multipod cleaning capsules
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How to

How to use the Multipod Cleaning Capsule

Using the Caffenu® Multipod cleaning capsule is as easy as brewing a coffee capsule. Clean your Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Tchibo® Cafissimo®, Expressi®, Verismo® coffee capsule machine at the press of a button and enjoy fresher-tasting coffee in no time.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use the Caffenu® Multipod cleaning capsule.

Place large container under spout. Press button for small cup.

Wait 1 minute. Then press button for large cup.

[If your machine automatically ejected the capsule, simply re-insert (Caution: Hot!) and press button for large cup.]

Eject Capsule.

Caution: Capsule is hot after extraction.

Close lever. Press button for large cup twice to rinse.

Discard solution.

Top Tip! Use cleaning solution to soak your drip tray and capsule basket.

Product info


Did you know that coffee capsule machines are likely to gather bacteria over time? This is due to the heat and moisture build-up in and around the chamber where your coffee gets brewed. Caffitaly®, K-fee® and other coffee capsule machines easily build up coffee residue and oil with each capsule brewed. These build-ups quickly become stale and cause odours when left uncleaned.

Caffenu® Multipod cleaning capsules were specially designed to maintain and clean coffee capsule machines like K-fee®, Caffitaly®, Verismo®, Expressi® and more. This capsule’s powerful, yet eco-friendly ingredients access and efficiently clean the inaccessible areas of these machines, removing mould and residue. Unlike a descaler, the capsule uses a detergent based foaming action, and gets to where descaling cannot reach.

Using the Multipod cleaning capsule gives you a fresher and better-tasting coffee, free of stale residue and foul odours. You also get a restored coffee machine with increased durability.

Our reliable Caffenu® cleaning capsule is made up of eco-friendly ingredients, making it 100% organic and safe to use. The capsule is easy to use, and fully recyclable.

Ideally use one cleaning capsule after 30 cups made, or at least once a month. They also work great when switching between beverages like tea, flavoured coffee, or hot chocolate, so that your next coffee does not taste like tea and vice versa.

Why the Caffenu® Multipod cleaning capsule?

Coffee capsule machines need proper cleaning like many other home appliances. They especially need cleaning because of the heat and moisture that arises with each brew, attracting bacteria and mould growth. Furthermore, the build-up of coffee residue and oil can cause machine malfunction when the brewing chamber and washer plate are left dirty.

Moreover, it should be noted that these unwanted build-ups cannot be removed by only flushing hot water through the machine. The capsule machine needs a cleaning agent to effectively remove build-up and scum. Not even descaling can remove these oily build-ups, a detergent based foaming agent is needed.

The Multipod cleaning capsules have been specifically formulated to release a strong, yet eco-friendly foaming agent that clears your machine of all residues, oil, and potential bacteria in just 2 minutes. Cleaning is now as easy as making a cup of coffee.


Millions of happy customers

5 stars review

I clean my Cafissimo easy regularly with these capsules. I am always surprised by what kind of deposits is released. A clear recommendation from me!

M. Hackl purchased Caffenu Multipod Cleaning Capsules

5 stars review

Super happy about finding something to clean my favourite machine with that is safe not just for us but for my machine.

Martie purchased Caffenu Multipod Cleaning Capsules

South Africa
5 stars review

Very useful, a lot came out when cleaning. I will definitely buy this product again.

Natalie purchased Caffenu Multipod Cleaning Capsules

5 stars review

Cleans thoroughly!!!!

Robert Lenz Jun purchased Caffenu Multipod Cleaning Capsules


These images show invisible hard to reach areas inside your coffee capsule machine. Often you are completely unaware of how dirty and blocked the inside of the brew chamber is. Descaling and flushing with hot water will not do the job.

However, see what just one cleaning capsule can do. It is very easy to take the inside of your coffee machine from ‘Ew’ to ‘Nu’.

Dirty washer plate full of coffee residue

Swipe right for after

Clean washer plate after using 1 Caffenu® cleaning capsule

Swipe left for before

Dirty and blocked coffee spout

Swipe right for after

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule removed all the dirty blockages

Swipe left for before

Machine compatibility

The Caffenu® Multipod cleaning capsule is compatible with the following machines at date of manufacture including but not limited to:

Caffitaly® Amante®
Caffitaly® S06HS Nautilus®
Caffitaly® Gaggia Evolution®
Caffitaly® K111 D Gaggia®
Caffitaly® S08 Venus®
K-fee® Espresto Wave®
K-fee® Espresto Preferenza®
K-fee® Empire®
K-fee® Grande®
K-fee® Square®
Tchibo® Cafissimo®



What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Multipod cleaning capsules and the Eco descaler have two different tasks in maintaining your coffee machine.

Firstly, the Multipod flushes out stale coffee and residue from your capsule machine’s front area, namely the brewing chamber, spout and nozzle.

While the descaler removes limescale and mineral build-up from the back area’s internal components, like the heating element.



Play button Watch now

The power of the Multipod cleaning capsule

The Caffenu® Multipod effectively cleans Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Tchibo® Cafissimo®, Expressi®, and Verismo® coffee capsule machines.

Play button Watch now

How to use Multipod cleaning capsules on K-fee® and Caffitaly® capsule coffee machines

Multipod Cleaning Capsules are formulated to release a strong, yet eco-friendly foaming agent that clears your Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Tchibo®, Cafissimo®, Expressi®, or Verismo® capsule machine of all residues, oil, and potential bacteria.



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