Top Tip on how to keep bacteria at bay
and your coffee machine clean

It’s easy to make a cup of coffee, but it’s just as easy to leave the used coffee build up inside the machine or coffee capsule basket and let it stay there for a while. The same goes for the coffee that builds up in the drip tray, cup after cup. Here is how you can keep bacteria at bay and your coffee machine clean.

A study done at University of Valencia in Spain found that between 35 and 67 types of bacteria were
breeding in the coffee machine’s drip trays they studied, and among them were pathogenic strains
that can make you sick. This is not a nice thought, but easy to fix, as the dirt and bacteria can be kept
away by doing a little cleaning!

To keep bacteria at bay, you should regularly empty out any removable coffee machine parts, for
example both the basket and the drip tray, as well as give them a soak and clean every now and then.

If you have a capsule coffee machine, it’s great to run a cleaning capsule through the machine, and
soak the basket and drip tray in the cleaning solution afterwards. For other types of coffee machines
it is recommended to use this cleaning powder which was specifically designed to clean your coffee
equipment and parts.

Doing so will certainly put your mind at ease once you know what goes on in those components
after some time. Treat your coffee machine right, and it will give you fresh tasting coffee without any
germs. Have a look at our guide on the best way to clean your specific coffee machine here.

The first step to amazing tasting coffee moments? A clean coffee machine. Enjoy!

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