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Put your mind at ease with a clean coffee machine: here is a great Tip how to clean

Caffenu® coffee machine cleaning capsules clean the inside of your coffee machine good and proper, but, did you know that you can also give your machine’s removable components a thorough cleaning with the cleaning solution captured in the container?

That’s correct, the drip tray and that box that catches your capsules can build up some nasty coffee stains and bacteria. That’s where the solution caught in your container comes in; you can soak the drip tray and capsule basket in the cleaning solution for 5-10 minutes, then give them a scrub and rinse. It’s as easy as that!

top tip number 2

If the stains are still there, and you haven’t gotten peace of mind yet, you can repeat the process. Then you can happily know you have a good, clean machine! And enjoy that next fresh cup of coffee, without any bacteria or old coffee residue. Sounds amazing, right?