Top Tip on how to keep your coffee machine clean: Use fresh, filtered water

Top Tip on how to keep your coffee machine clean Use fresh filtered water

The water you put through your coffee machine is more important than you think. Changing the water inside your coffee machine’s water tank can not only prevent dirty water entering the pipes of your machine, but also help to avoid stale tasting coffee.

Leaving the same water in your coffee machine’s water container for too long leads to the water going stale, in turn giving you poor-tasting coffee. Ideally, the water should be changed daily for ultimate freshness!

Tip: Only fill as much water into the tank as you will need for your next coffee. That way you can avoid wasting water, as it is recommended to rinse your tank before making your next cup of coffee.

You can also better the taste of your coffee by switching to filtered water. Using filtered water also helps to keep the build-up of lime scale inside of your machine to an absolute minimum, helping to prolong the life span of your coffee machine.

If your coffee still does not taste as good as it should, it might be time for a deep clean. We recommend using a cleaner for the brewing chamber of your machine, and a descaler for the heating element and pipes. Also remember to soak your water container, and baskets or any other removable parts on your machine regularly, for example with cleaning powder specifically designed for coffee machines.

Have a look at our guide on the best way to clean your specific coffee machine here.

The first step to amazing tasting coffee moments? A clean coffee machine. Enjoy!

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