This is the stuff that comes out of a coffee machine when cleaned properly

Bacteria that grows inside your Capsule Coffee Machine

Having a coffee capsule machine is great; all the assortments of coffee you can enjoy at just the press of a button, but the coffee residue build-up left behind after each brew can certainly hinder the performance, and especially the taste of your coffee.

You think your coffee machine is clean inside? We made a video to show you what can come out of your coffee machine with a proper clean using a Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule. Watch it here:

As you can see, the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was specifically created to cleanse your coffee capsule machine from the inside out. Murky water loaded with old coffee residue is not something we want you to end up with in your next coffee. But that is exactly what clings to the inside of your coffee capsule machine, along with bacteria and aged coffee oils. The cleaning capsule is very easy to use and hygienically flushes out all the unwanted build-up from your machine, leaving you with that crystal-clear water, ensuring your next cup of coffee is perfectly fresh, as it should always be!

So, that begs the question, when last did you give your Nespresso® capsule machine a good clean? There has never been a better time than now.

And if you have another brand or type of coffee machine, worry not, we have you covered with various cleaning capsules suitable for various capsule machines, as well as an easy guide to cleaning other popular coffee machines such as bean to cup and espresso machines. Happy cleaning, happy coffee!

Posted on June 11, 2020 , in Importance of Cleaning

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