Unfortunately BACTERIA also love coffee


Any coffee lover will affirm that nothing compares to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. It is also one of the best things to experience when we are having a not-so-good day at work and you need that quick pick-me-up. Whenever we enjoy our coffee, it seems the last thought crossing our mind is: When last has the coffee machine been cleaned?

Different types of bacteria may happily inhabit the inner drip tray or other areas you can’t reach such as the brewing chamber and the nozzle. The coffee machine is not simply a rally point for gossip and small talk, but it is likewise a breeding ground for a veritable zoo of germs and harmful organisms.

For piece of mind, use a cleaning capsule from Caffenu. Insert it just like a coffee capsule once a month, or after every 30 coffees brewed. Run, rinse, ready! Cleaning has never been easier. Please also don’t forget to descale your machine. Descaling removes lime scale from the pump and boiler!

And most importantly: Enjoy that feeling and taste of having the freshest coffee possible! Hmmmm!

Posted on January 22, 2018 , in quotes

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