Keep that coffee machine clean, and taste the difference

A Clean Machine Makes The Difference

Did you know that residue in your coffee machine is not only germ ridden but also a major cause for poor tasting coffee? Regular residue removal not only improves the taste of the coffee (less bitterness, and tannins) but also increases the lifespan of the machine as it removes blockages. By simply inserting a cleaning capsule to clean your machine, you can quickly get the results you deserve.

So, what can the capsules do for you? The cleaning capsules will effectively clean your machine, as the food safe cleaning agent foams up inside the nozzle, removing old coffee and bitter tannins from all the hard to reach areas. The detergent in the capsule is environmentally friendly too, readily dissolves, and leaves no residue. And the best part is: the whole process is as quick as making a cup of coffee. This makes enjoying your cup of coffee an easy exercise. All you need for better tasting coffee is only one press of a button away!

The final cherry on the top is versatility. Only one capsule is needed after every thirty cups of coffee. Caffenu offers cleaning capsules for various type of machines, for example compatible with original line Nespresso machines. Take care of your machine, and it will take care of you by giving you the coffee taste you deserve!

Posted on January 18, 2018 , in quotes

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