Our newest invention – The Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit

Having a coffee machine at home that makes premium and quality espresso is a non-negotiable for many coffee lovers – but when last did you clean your coffee machine?

All our kitchen appliances need regular cleaning, and that includes our coffee machines. The natural oils found in coffee beans leave an oily layer behind in the nozzle and spout of your machine, the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which makes the coffee taste bitter. Even the water we use may leave behind calcium or other mineral deposits which can lead to colder coffee as the heating element gets blocked.

The good news is, unlike with most other cleaning in the kitchen, taking the right approach to cleaning your coffee machine is likely to be the easiest job of them all. Our new Descaling & Cleaning Kit compatible with original line Nespresso machines has got you covered. The eco descaler works on the backend of your coffee machine, removing lime scale, calcium and other mineral build up. The cleaning capsule covers the front parts of your coffee machine, the capsule removes old coffee oils and bacteria from the brewing chamber, spout and nozzle, all at the press of a button.

Caffenu cleaning kit for nespresso original line coffee machines with cleaning capsules and descaler product display

The Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit therefore is an all in one cleaning solution. It comes with 100 ml of eco descaler, and four cleaning capsules compatible with original line Nespresso machines. Descaling and cleaning on a regular basis help to maintain the lifespan and function of your coffee machine. What’s even better, you’ll be back in no time as the specialist well-known to making that perfect cup of coffee, the perfect host.

Watch the video clip and read more about the Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit here.

Posted on January 8, 2018 , in Importance of Cleaning

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