Our Top 5 Countries with the cleanest Nespresso® machines in the world

Top 5 Countries With Cleanest Coffee Machines In The World

In November 2015 the first ever Caffenu® cleaning capsule for Nespresso® machines successfully launched, and has changed the way home users clean their coffee equipment.

Caffenu® developed the world’s first capsule that cleans the brewing chamber of Nespresso® coffee machines. Because of its unique foaming action, the capsule cleans where a descaler can’t reach, and has brought coffee pod machine cleaning to an entirely new level. The results are fresh, and better tasting coffee, and extended life span of the machine.

Caffenu® now has a footprint in over 32 countries, the most successful regions being:

1st The UK
2nd Germany
3rd Italy
4th Scandinavia
5th The Netherlands

The large success of the Caffenu® cleaning capsule proves that coffee lovers all around the world want to take care of their beloved equipment, and they do not want to compromise on taste. By cleaning your machine with Caffenu®, you always make sure that you get the freshest, best-tasting coffee possible.

If you are interested in distributing or selling our innovative products in your country or region, please contact us.

Here is to fresher coffee, by cleaning one machine at a time!

Read more about this unique invention here.

Posted on February 19, 2017 , in Perfect Coffee

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