Hygienically clean brewing chamber of your Nespresso coffee machine


Nowadays, Nespresso® coffee machines have become one of the more favourable and popular coffee machines around the world. However, keeping it spotless on the inside has had its challenges. With all the new coffee flavours, hot chocolates and tea’s it is no secret that your coffee machine can’t be cleaned with conventional methods. The amount of oils, tannins and granules that build up in your chamber will cause problems like no flow, low flow or leakage because of all the back pressure.

But don’t fear, there is no need to dissemble your whole machine, now you can just insert the Caffenu cleaning capsule. It is the first cleaning capsule of its kind that cleans your machines brewing chamber immaculately with ultimate convenience. Caffenu cleaning capsules are the same size and shape as any Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules.

How does it work? The Caffenu capsule releases a powerful foaming agent inside the brewing chamber and discards all the coffee residue and odours in just 2 minutes, at the easy touch of a button. The contents inside the capsule contain biodegradable and organic materials, to keep your Nespresso® machine hygienically clean and as good as new. You will have no more problems with dirty and blocked brewing chambers.

100% compatible: The capsule was specifically developed for Nespresso® machines and has been tried and tested over 6 years. The melting point of the capsule is well above 200 degrees. The Caffenu cleaning capsule contains a soluble agent, which creates much less of a pressure build-up than regular coffee capsules. This leads to high performance in all Nespresso® machines. Most machine break downs come from blockages. The Caffenu® cleaning capsule removes those blockages, so it generally improves the life span of Nespresso® machines.

Posted on January 10, 2017 , in Importance of Cleaning

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