What is lurking in your coffee machine?


I am sure the last thing you want to think about when pushing that coffee button waiting for it to pour is how the machine looks on the inside. But trust us when we say: You better start thinking about it. Most brewing chambers, nozzles and spouts of coffee machines can get very dirty, and full of build-up. But it is also what your eyes can’t see.

According to several studies performed on different brands of coffee makers, including KDKA-TV of Pittsburgh, coffee machines are a bacteria and mould reservoir. If you drink all that bacteria every morning, or possibly more than once a day with your cup of coffee, this could affect your health. This is particularly worrying for people whose immune system is not as strong. There are many conditions that can weaken your immunity: stress, depression, lack of sleep, bad eating habits, and many more.

The type of bacteria found in coffee machines are called ‘opportunist’, meaning they can be present on the body, but they won’t cause an infection as long as your immune system takes care of them. But then they take advantage at the exact moment your immunity gets weak, and they colonize your body.

Knowing all this, it’s pretty clear that growing all those microbes in your coffee maker is not a good idea. Many people get sick all the time and they don’t know why, not even thinking about the possibility that the problem might be in their coffee.

So what can you do about this?

The logic answer would be to clean your coffee machine, but it’s not that simple. Traditional cleaning methods like running with plain hot water aren’t effective on coffee machines, as it’s very difficult to really get into every single space that could be growing bacteria, even after descaling it.

The perfect deep clean for your coffee machine is to wash it the same way you make coffee: With a pod. Caffenu’s cleaning pods received positive reviews from costumers all over the globe, claiming their coffee taste better and feels cleaner. The Caffenu cleaning capsules are compatible with the Nepresso system, and our Multipod is compatible with the Caffitaly, K-fee, Expressi, Verismo, and Tchibo Cafissimo system.

Check out how it works

Cleaning is now as easy as making a cup of coffee. So you know not everything is lost, and you can get rid of that bacteria. Only have milk and sugar with your next coffee!

Posted on November 6, 2017 , in Importance of Cleaning

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