Caffenu’s brand new Multipod cleaning capsule fits almost any coffee machine

Caffenu's new Multipod is Compatible With Almost Any Coffee Machine

Caffenu already launched a cleaning capsule compatible with the Nespresso coffee machine, and it works wonderfully. The thing is, not everyone has a Nespresso machine, that’s why Caffenu decided to create a cleaning capsule that could be used in most other popular coffee machines. So, the Multipod was born, and we are going to tell you all about it.

The Multipod is compatible with Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Verismo® by Starbucks®, Expressi® by Aldi® and the Tchibo® Cafissimo® System. But why use a capsule to clean the machine in the first place?

The brewing chamber of coffee machines can be full of bacteria and overall gross things and sadly we cannot clean it ourselves, hot water is not enough unfortunately. The cleaning pod is inserted just like a coffee capsule – it doesn’t get any easier. The Multipod releases a cleansing foam inside the brewing chamber, cleaning the whole front part of the machine, getting rid of bacteria and old coffee oil. The machine is cleaned on the inside as it “brews” the cleaning substances inside the capsule – just rinse afterwards, leaves no residue!

Caffenu actually tested the product with a group of customers and the average score they got was a 4.7 which is considered excellent, proving that the Multipod works and does the job well.

A clean machine not only makes your coffee taste better, but can actually improve the life span of your machine – if you think it is broken, it might just need a good clean. Please don’t forget, using a cleaning capsule on your machine is only one part of the process. Please also remember to descale your machine regularly. Cleaning does not replace the need for descaling!

Posted on October 24, 2017 , in News

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