Top 3 Common Mistakes in Espresso Preparation

Have you ever splurged on some seriously good beans only to end up with a disappointing espresso? Its definitely happened to us! But don’t worry, here are 3 common mistakes to avoid when making your next cuppa, ensuring you end up with the freshest, smoothest coffee in town!

1. The Freshness of the Coffee

The first mistake most people make when trying to create the perfect espresso at home is not using freshly roasted or ground coffee. Coffee begins to oxidize or “age” once roasted. Most professional baristas agree that coffee is at its best 2 – 5 days after being roasted. However, you can still use them, ideally, between 7 and 14 days when properly sealed and stored. The fresher the coffee, the richer the taste! It is also advised to ground the exact quantity necessary for the number of cups you are about to brew. This is because subtle aromatic compounds of coffee start deteriorating minutes after grinding.

2. The milk

We do not recommend using low-fat milk for frothing, as it will leave you with milk filled with bubbles and no texture, which will result in a less smooth, unbalanced coffee. It will not be as rich or sweet, which could be why your lattes and cappuccinos sometimes feel like a flop.

3. Not Cleaning Your Machine

Cleaning your machine is one of the most important but most often overlooked parts of owning an espresso machine. Daily and weekly cleaning & maintenance are essential for your coffee machine’s longevity & to ensure the perfect cup of coffee. We recommend using the Caffenu Cleaning Powder or the Caffenu Tablets Blister to ensure the internal components of your machine stay sparkly clean & fresh while the Caffenu Milk System Cleaner will help keep bacteria at bay when it comes to your built-in steam wand.

Posted on August 22, 2022 , in Importance of Cleaning

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