Throw away your Nespresso coffee machine!

Clean Your Machine With Caffenu Cleaning Capsule

“Please, would you finally throw away that Nespresso coffee machine?” That is what my friends have been saying to me for the past year. Well, I am glad I didn’t! Truth is, yes, the machine was not working, it was making terrible sounds, the coffee tasted bitter, sometimes it had no reaction at all no matter which button I’d push. Until one little capsule changed all their minds.

My friends were shocked. To be quite honest, so was I. A cleaning capsule that would fix my whole machine sounded gimmicky. But it did the trick. One Caffenu cleaning capsule in there removed all the gunk that had been sitting inside the brewing chamber of the machine. The difference is huge. No more noises, no more bitterness, no more annoying friends trying to get me to part ways with my beloved Nespresso coffee machine.

As I know now, cleaning your coffee machine regularly is vital to the machine’s longevity and your coffee’s taste. My machine had gone so long  without a cleaning that coffee residue and oils blocked the nozzle and chamber. The more I used it the worse it got. Which in my case is a lot. Can you blame me?

The Nespresso compatible cleaning capsules “clean” the machine and remove old coffee oils and bacteria. It’s important for the taste and cleanliness of your coffee, it’s effectively a toothbrush and toothpaste for your coffee machine!

Caffenu recommends that for the best flavour and health of your coffee machine, you should pop in a cleaning capsule once after every 30 coffee made, or at least once a month. They’re pretty cheap, too, considering it’s either use them or buy a new machine because I am definitely not living a coffee-free life.

Every 3 months you also descale your machine, but that is a liquid you put into your water tank, and it cleans something completely different. It removes lime scale, which is also important so your coffee stays hot!

All I can say is do yourself a favour (and flavour!) and clean your machine!


Posted on June 23, 2017 , in Importance of Cleaning

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