Caffenu® is a huge success in Scandinavia – thanks to Elkjøp Nordic

Elkøp Nordic Drives Caffenu Growth in Scandinavia


Our Caffenu® cleaning capsules for Nespresso® machines are currently one of the best-selling coffee accessories across Scandinavia, thanks to Elkjøp Nordic.

Elkjøp – better known as Elgiganten outside Norway, is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, with 400 stores in six countries and 10,000 employees.

Elkjøp started selling Caffenu® products last September, and Caffenu® is now available in 203 of their stores across 4 countries.

Nespresso® users want to clean their coffee machine

Elkjøp saw the gap in the market right from the start. They knew this unique product would be a hit, but there were a few things that Elkjøp did, that make Caffenu such a huge success.


Elkjøp knew that a cleaning capsule for a Nespresso® machines will sell best when placed next to Nespresso® products, such as Nespresso® coffee machines, and compatible Nespresso® capsules.

The integrated euro slot design made the display easy, no shelf space required.


Elkjøp customers who had bought Nespresso® machines before, received a direct mail offering them a discount on the Caffenu® cleaning capsules and it also educated them about the benefits of cleaning their coffee machine.


Elkjøp trains their sales staff on what the product does. Elkjøp staff know that the cleaning capsule is very different to the Caffenu® descaler, and that both products are necessary in order to clean all the parts of the machine. Read more about the difference between cleaning and descaling here.

Well done Elkjøp! Thanks to you Nespresso® machine owners can now enjoy fresh coffee, and take care of their expensive coffee equipment the best way possible. Check your nearest store or online retailer to grab your share of Caffenu® cleaning products here.


Here is a breakdown of all the Elkjøp owned stores where Caffenu® is being sold:

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