Help! My Nespresso® coffee machine is not working 100%

Does your Nespresso® coffee machine give you more issues than coffee?

We have all been there. We crawl out of bed, switch on our beloved coffee machine, and push the button so that we can finally start the day with the help of a good cup of coffee. But something isn’t right…

  • No coffee or very little coffee is coming out of the spout
  • The flow of the coffee seems very slow
  • The machine is leaking all over the place
  • Funny smells
  • Inconsistent dispensed volumes of coffee

Oh my word, I hear you thinking. Now I have to take it in for a very expensive service, and will be without coffee for weeks until they can figure out what is wrong with my Nespresso® machine.

Hold on! Your Nespresso® machine might just need a proper clean!

Most of machine failures or poor performance issues are caused by blockages in the brewing chamber of your coffee machine. This is the part where your coffee gets brewed, so every time you make a coffee, a layer of coffee oil stays behind. These oily residues dry out, and can literally block the entire washer plate of your coffee machine.

Leah Armstrong saved her Nespresso® machine

“Our Nespresso® machine stopped working, the coffee came out drop by drop so we figured it’s time for it to retire. I really don’t like just throwing things away though, so did some research and found the Caffenu® cleaning capsules. We ran a few cleaning capsules through because the machine was REALLY bad. After a long reverential silence at what came out, we made a coffee and the machine worked! It just needed a good clean all along. And now we clean our machine regularly.”

Cleaning capsules to the rescue

The Caffenu® cleaning capsules are specifically designed to remove old coffee oils, build-up and blockages from the brewing chamber of your coffee machine. Hot water flushes or other cleaning methods such as descaling do not solve the issue. The cleaning capsule releases a unique foaming agent that gets into all the nucks and grannies inside your machine. Next time your Nespresso® machine is playing up, just think Caffenu®. Only a clean machine, makes the perfect coffee!

Posted on August 17, 2016 , in Importance of Cleaning

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