Caffenu offers cleaning products for all coffee machines and equipment – household and commercial.

Enjoy a fresh coffee, from a clean coffee machine.

Many baristas have stated that Coffee can have up to, and even more than 800 various tastes and smells. Meanwhile, wine only has about 200 different tastes and scents. The amounts contrast significantly, and it makes the topic of coffee so much more exciting.

Coffee is thought to be one of the most unique drinks to be discovered in our lifetime. Its taste is derived from all the earthly elements, including the soil, the weather, the altitude at which the plant is grown, and of course, the plant itself. There’s also the coffee cherry and the way it is roasted.  A coffee’s taste comes all the way down to the way it is prepared, and the water used to prepare it.

Considering all factors mentioned, it is fair to say that coffee truly a superb drink. Next to coffee, is the machine/machines we use to brew the drink. From commercial espresso machines to the capsule coffee machine used at home; one special aspect can dictate the taste of the coffee we get from the machine. Cleanliness.

Cleanliness is an important factor, in both household and commercial environments. However, it is not easily achieved, as it is easy to use the wrong products to “clean” with. The use of the wrong cleaning products will not remove all old, unwanted coffee oils and residues, leaving you with a poor-tasting coffee and a dirty machine.

Over time, Caffenu has developed products that clean, descale, degrease, and sanitise various coffee machines and equipment. Product variants have been developed for both household and commercial use and made available in cleaning capsules, liquid, powder, and tablet forms.

Each Caffenu cleaning product has been carefully planned and developed to ensure that virtually any coffee machine on the market can be thoroughly cleaned, in turn, giving every coffee drinker a pleasurable coffee experience.