Caffenu® Nespresso® Compatible Cleaning Capsules: The Difference Between Original & Eco Formula Capsules

Difference Between Caffenu Original And Caffenu Eco Formula

Caffenu® has two choices when it comes to the Nespresso® compatible Cleaning Capsule range; our Original Formula Capsule and also an Eco Formula cleaning capsule for Nespresso® coffee machines. Now you might wonder what the difference between the two is?

There are a few slight differences; the most notable difference being that the Eco Formula cleaning capsule is completely non-hazardous. Below is a list of the main differences between the Original Formula and Eco Formula cleaning capsule.

  1. Hazard Classification

As mentioned, the main difference between the Original and the Eco formulation is that the Eco Formula is completely non-hazardous. But what does this mean? Depending on the concentration of certain ingredients inside cleaning formulas, products are allocated to a certain hazard category. This is an international standard and serves to make the products safe for consumers to use. Thus, making them aware about potential hazards when using them.

The Eco formula has a very low concentration of certain ingredients hence it is classified as non-hazardous. The Original formula, however has a higher concentration of certain ingredients, it is classified as the lowest form of a Hazard, an Eye irritant Class 2. However, it’s unlikely for the product to come into contact with your eyes, as the formula is sealed inside the capsule. Furthermore, the capsule inserts directly into your coffee machine, making it a safe and convenient product to use at home.

  1. Strength

Because of the higher concentration of active ingredients, the Original formula is stronger and slightly more effective than the Eco product. However, while the Eco formula is milder, it is still very effective, especially for domestic applications and without a doubt the perfect tool to clean your Nespresso® coffee machine at home.

  1. Ingredients

As mentioned above, the Original formula is stronger. That is in part due to two main ingredients: One being sodium percarbonate – which is a non-chlorine-based, oxygen-based bleaching agent and two being sodium carbonate. These products by themselves are quite strong and both are responsible for giving the Original Formula its “Hazardous” classification. The Eco formula consists of natural and readily biodegradable materials. It also has a lower concentration of active ingredients, hence the mildness of the product.

  1. Environmental friendliness

Both products are very eco-friendly, as both use readily biodegradable surfactants, organic materials, and minerals. Neither product contains chlorine or phosphates. The Original formula contains sodium percarbonate. This ingredient must break down into the natural components it’s made from, so it takes more time to break down. Apart from the eco-friendliness of the actual ingredients, there is also a difference on the capsule form between Original and Eco. The Original capsules are 100% recyclable whereas the Eco Cleaning Capsules now come in fully compostable capsules.

Original vs Eco: The choice is yours! No matter if you choose Original or Eco, you can be sure that your coffee machine will be well looked after, giving you fresher coffee one clean at a time!

Posted on June 22, 2021 , in Nespresso coffee machines cleaning capsules.

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