5 Tips on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee

Tips On How To Brew Perfect Cuppa

How to brew the perfect cup of coffee – with your Nespresso® machine

How temperatures, water and your coffee capsule machine all influence the quality of your coffee. Here are our Top 5 Tips:

1. Preheat your cup

pre-heat your coffee cupYes, you heard us! It is very important to preheat your cup for the perfect cup of coffee, before you brew your coffee pod. A cold cup will not only affect the temperature of your coffee, but also the coffee flavour.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to preheat your cup if you have a Nespresso® coffee machine. Simply run your machine without a capsule inside (just hot water). Swirl the hot water around in your cup, discard water. Cup is heated and ready for coffee in only a few seconds!

2. Remove bacteria

remove bacteria from your coffee machine Did you know that professional baristas clean their coffee equipment every single day? There is a reason for that. Coffee is a very oily beverage. Every time you extract a shot of espresso it leaves a layer of oil and residue behind in your Nespresso® machine.

Bacteria can feed on the old coffee oils and build-up inside your machine. Use a Caffenu® cleaning capsule once a month to get rid of any residue. Simply insert the cleaning capsule like a coffee capsule. Put a large container underneath the spout to run the cleaning solution into. Run, rinse twice and your’re good to go.

3. Clean & soak

soak removable partsClean all parts of your coffee machine to ensure a clean and bacteria-free machine, and get the best-tasting coffee. Soak your drip tray, capsule basket, and water tank as part of a spring cleaning routine.

Use the cleaning solution that is left over after using a cleaning capsule. Soak all removable parts in the solution for 10 minutes. Gently scrub and rinse the parts after soaking.

4. Descale your machine

descale regularlyDescaling is the not the same as using a cleaning capsule. The cleaning capsule gets rid of old coffee oils in the brewing chamber of your machine. The descaler removes limescale from the boiler and thermoblock, and pipes of your machine. Limescale can contribute to poor-tasting and cold coffee, so be sure to keep it away.

Descaling is only necessary every 3-6 months, depending on how hard the water is that you use to make the coffee. Regular descaling makes sure that your coffee tastes great every single time, and also keeps your Nespresso® machine in great condition.

5. Use fresh filtered water

use fresh filtered waterStale water can affect the taste of your coffee. Avoid stale-tasting coffee by keeping your water clean and fresh. Change the water inside your water tank frequently. Rinse and refill the tank, if possible with fresh, filtered water.

Also: if you are using tap water in your coffee machine, it is very likely that you need to descale your machine more often due to the lime and calcium build-up that ends up in your coffee machine.

Enjoy making your perfect up of coffee!

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