The mucky mess a macchiato and any coffee leaves inside your machine


The name macchiato means “stained” or “spotted”, and that is quite appropriate, considering what enough of it or any other coffee for that matter will do to the inside of your coffee machine when the coffee is brewed.

Any use of your coffee machine leads to a build-up of oils, old coffee residue and bacteria. This, in turn, leads to poor tasting coffee and misfunction of your machine, and nobody wants either, right?

Caffenu® has the perfect remedies for those unwanted grubby build-ups. Ensure proper care and maintenance of your machine with use of the selection of cleaning products from Caffenu®. Choose between a large variety of cleaning capsules, and descaler for coffee machines, from domestic to commercial. Cleaning AND descaling will ensure that your machine stays clean and functioning as it should, while offering you the perfect cup of coffee!

Only a clean machine, can make the best tasting coffee!

Posted on September 30, 2019 , in quotes

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