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The Nespresso® VertuoLine® System took the world by storm which does not come as a surprise. With its smart and sleek design, the Vertuo® intelligent extraction system recognises each Nespresso® pod and therefor has an overall easy-to-use functionality. The Nespresso® VertuoLine® coffee machine seems like it came straight from the future!

But even though easy to use, the Nespresso® Vertuo® coffee machine is not without its problems. In this blog, we troubleshoot some of the most common Nespresso® Vertuo® problems and issues users have run into and tell you how to fix them. Read on to identify your specific Vertuo® problem and have your Vertuo® running as good as new in no time.

There are coffee grounds left in the cup

Perform a Vertuo® cleaning procedure twice. We recommend using the Caffenu Cleaning Pods for Vertuo® to ensure optimal cleaning of your Vertuo® coffee machine. The pod flushes out old coffee residues, germs and rancid smells and tannins in just 1 minute.

The light alternately blinks 3 times when turned on.

This is to indicate that the machine needs descaling. You can only operate your Vertuo® a few times after the first time this happened before descaling becomes absolutely necessary so it is best to descale as soon as possible. We recommend using the Caffenu Eco Descaler for Vertuo®.

The Vertuo® light is blinking or flashing white

This could be a Vertuo® firmware update. If you recently connected your new Vertuo® coffee machine to the Nespresso® App, it might be going through a firmware update. To restart the coffee machine, disconnect the power cord from the outlet and after 10 seconds, plug the machine back and wait 3 minutes until the light becomes steady.

There’s no light on the button

Your Vertuo® coffee machine has turned off automatically after 2 minutes of non-use to conserve energy. Simply push the button or unlock the machine.

The Vertuo® light blinks orange then goes back to white

The Vertuo® machine head is still unlocked. Move the lever further than the lock icon (or as far as it can go) on the lid to ensure that it is locked correctly.

The Vertuo® machine doesn’t start and has a blinking light

The machine is still unlocked, or the capsule isn’t properly inserted. Check that the capsule is fitted correctly, and the machine is locked properly. If you are running a descaling cycle, check that no capsule was forgotten in the machine and the handle is properly locked.

The machine doesn’t start; the light blinks alternately; 1 blink and 1 pause

Check that there is water in the Vertuo® tank and that the Vertuo® machine is properly locked.

Light displays half orange, and the other half yellow (Vertuo® Plus® specific)

It may be that you need to reset your machine. To reset your Vertuo® Plus®, follow the below steps.

  1. Remove any capsules from the machine.
  2. Press the “Lever” down for 3 seconds to turn OFF the machine.
  3. Push the “Coffee” button and “Lever” simultaneously and hold them for 3 seconds. The orange light will display.
  4. Then push the lever down 3 times, and press the “Coffee” button once.

Once you do this, the orange light will flash 3 times and turn steady orange.

The light blinks while the machine is running but only water is being dispensed

This means that the machine is executing a user request to clean, descale or empty the system. If this is not what you intended, push the button to stop it and exit cleaning/descaling mode by holding the button for 7 seconds.

The Machine is leaking or the coffee flow is unusual

Check that the Vertuo® water tank is positioned correctly. You can also run a Caffenu Cleaning Pod for Vertuo® through your coffee machine to ensure the pipes are not blocked. Old coffee residue stuck inside the machine can also sometimes cause leaking or poor coffee flow. Your Vertuo® machine will be sparkly clean after the use of just one pod.

We hope this guide was able to help you with some of the most common issues experienced with Nespresso® Vertuo® coffee machines. For any other problems, consult your Vertuo® manual or machine manufacturer. Alternatively, contact us at


You love your Nespresso® machine, and it gives you love. You clean and descale it at least once a month to keep it in tip-top shape and stay on top of the maintenance schedule. Yet, sometimes, your machine only makes half a cup of coffee, or you end up with a watery and bitter cuppa. These things do tend to happen, even with proper maintenance and cleaning, but don’t fret! In this blog, you will find quick & easy solutions to some common Nespresso® issues that won’t cost you thousands!

Nespresso® Machine is making only half a cup

If your Nespresso® machine only makes half a cup lately, you might have to reset your machine to factory settings. Don’t worry, it’s less daunting than it sounds! This guide will help you reset or programme your machine to your specific needs in less than 5 minutes!

Nespresso® Machine is making watery coffee

Do you find that your Nespresso® machine is brewing more water than coffee? Yuck! We can only imagine the disappointment, but fear not! This blog will help you identify and rectify the problem, leaving you with a delicious, fresh cup of coffee with the appropriate amount of water!

Nespresso® Machine is clogged and pouring slowly

Is your Nespresso® machine clogged, giving you poor and very slow flow? Or pouring coffee slower or thinner than usual? It might be that coffee is not flowing properly or even flowing at all, just slowly dripping out of the machine. Or perhaps you are not happy with the amount of coffee you are getting in your cup lately? Read more here to find out how to fix and prevent the flow problem from occurring again in the future!

Nespresso® making bitter coffee

When brewing a Nespresso® coffee, you should expect to taste some sweetness, acidity, a pleasing body, and, of course, freshness with a pleasant aftertaste. One thing you should not expect is a foul, bitter taste. This is not to say there isn’t any bitter profile at all; however, an overwhelming bitterness should never be welcome in a cup. Learn how to get back that coffee deliciousness here!

Do you have any other issues not listed here? Find your problem & an easy solution in this blog and start enjoying your coffee the way it is meant to be enjoyed: hot, fresh & delicious!

Remember, a little maintenance goes a long way in preventing future problems, that’s why we recommend regular cleaning & descaling. Love your coffee machine and it will love you back!

If you own a Nespresso® Original machine, you know it has many perks; the variety of drinks you can enjoy, including the compatible capsules they can brew. However, all is good and well, until a fault arises with the machine. If you ever brewed an unusually watery cup of coffee, then keep reading. Let’s see why a Nespresso® machine makes watery coffee.

Using refillable/reusable Nespresso® capsules

Using refillable capsules is noble, and can save money, however, they can leak and cause coffee to be watery. This leakage is likely due to an incorrect coffee grind used in the capsule, causing poor extraction and leakage.

If you do use refillable capsules and experience watery coffee, you could try adjusting the grind of coffee used in the capsule until you find the leakage stops. Alternatively, you could test a regular capsule in the machine to see if that works.

If neither of the above stops the leakage, then you likely need to have your Nespresso® machine serviced.

Compatible coffee capsules

Some compatible coffee capsules can cause leakage because of a design flaw in the capsule, and/or possible incorrect filling by the coffee capsule supplier/filler. A design flaw can cause water to bypass the capsule when brewing, making the water go around the capsule. The capsule could also not be pierced correctly, causing a poor, watery coffee extraction.

If you do use Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules and experience watery coffee, you might want to try an original Nespresso® capsule and see if that helps. If the leakage persists after trying an original capsule, then you need to have your machine serviced.

Faulty machine mechanism

Lastly, a faulty mechanism in the machine could be the reason you’re drinking watery coffee. A fault may arise inside the machine itself, that could then lead to leakage. If you know that the coffee capsules you use are not the cause of your watery coffee, then you need to get your coffee machine repaired.

If you find yourself experiencing any other issues with your Nespresso® machine, then you can find solutions to any possible issue you have here. Don’t forget that you also need to give your machine a good clean every now and then!

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