The 7th of April celebrates World Health Day, and I think we can all agree that the general state of health we find ourselves in has never been more important. So today is a good reminder to be aware of the potential impacts a dirty coffee machine could have on your health, and we want to educate you around ways to avoid those. Having a coffee machine certainly has its benefits but did you know that it can have negative effects on your health when not cleaned properly?

Extensive research has been done around bacteria and germs that live inside coffee machines when they are not cleaned regularly. A study done on nine Nespresso® machines and Krups® revealed that bacteria can thrive in the coffee machines’ drip tray and spread to the rest of the machine as they multiply due the moisture. The research revealed that up to 67 variants of bacteria can be present in a machine, among them, are a few with pathogenic properties which are of concern for the human health.

One of the common bacteria found in the coffee machines was Pseudomonas, a variant which tends to live in damp areas and can be harmful, causing infection in those with weakened immune systems. The other variant frequently found in the machines was a bacterium called Enterococcus, which can cause urinary tract infections, certain digestive issues, and other infections in those with compromised immune systems.

Mould and yeast are also known to develop and thrive on the inside of coffee machines. Here are the results of a swab test which was done on the inside of a Nespresso® machine. The results were quite astonishing but also came as no surprise. A wet and warm environment such as the inside of a coffee machine is prone to be affected by possibly harmful germs as bacteria thrive in dark, moist places. But here is the good news, there is ways to ensure you are only drinking coffee with your next cup. Simply keep your coffee machine clean.

Here is the answer to great coffee and good health

The simple answer to fresh coffee is regular cleaning. It is recommended that especially components such as the drip tray and if present capsule or bean/filter basket are frequently cleaned. Additionally, the machine’s internal components such as the brewing chamber, washer plate, and spout should also receive a thorough cleaning, at least once a month.

If you own a capsule coffee machine such as Nespresso®, cleaning the latter can be done with the use of a Caffenu cleaning capsule which cleans the internals of the machine and flushes out old coffee and bacteria with its unique foaming action. The drip tray and capsule basket can also be cleaned in the cleaning capsules’ solution, like this. These are vital steps to keeping your machine and its components clean.

If you have a bean to cup or commercial group machine, you can use a cleaning tablet to get into the inside of your machine.

And to make it as easy as possible for you, check out our guide below on how to clean your specific coffee machine the best way possible.

Here is a guide on the most popular coffee machines and how to clean them correctly


Take care of your health by taking care of your machine. You will definitely get satisfaction by knowing you are getting a fresh cup of coffee minus all the germs. True coffee appreciation and good health all starts with making coffee in a clean coffee machine.

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