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You may have a coffee obsession and want to buy a coffee machine, but you’re not sure where to begin or what to look out for. Because let’s face it, there are hundreds of coffee machine types on the market.

Before you decide to buy a coffee machine, consider a few factors that will determine whether the coffee maker will fulfil your actual needs. Coffee machines are used by certain coffee drinkers to brew coffee at home, at work, at restaurants, and in cafés. Furthermore, whatever you intend to use your coffee machine for, you need to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Here are the Top 4 Things you need to check before buying a coffee machine:

1. Type of Machine

Coffee enthusiasts can choose from a variety of coffee machines, each with its own set of features and functionality:

Capsule Coffee Machine – The ultimate convenience to make professional coffee at home within seconds. Simply insert a coffee pod, enjoy. This is perfect for convenience coffee lovers who want a good cup on the go.

Bean To Cup – A bean to cup machine grinds beans fresh to preserve the flavour of oils in the beans. Perfect for office settings where 5 or more people make coffee at the same time.

Manual Espresso – Looking to get more involved in actual coffee making with a professional taste? Then you should try a manual Espresso machine. Once you’ve mastered the skills, you’ll be able to make coffee exactly to your liking.

Filter Coffee – An affordable and reliable coffee maker that allows you to brew a large pot of coffee at once. All you need are your favourite coffee grounds and some cold water to make a wonderful cup of coffee.

2. Capacity & Speed

You should think about how many individuals the coffee maker will serve as well as how many cups it can brew. You’ll need a machine with a huge capacity if you plan on serving a significant number of individuals, however if you’re buying one for your home, you’ll require something much smaller. Consider a capsule or vending machine if you need a machine that brews quickly.

3. Maintenance

When it comes to determining which machine to buy, maintenance is crucial. You should be aware that you will need to clean your machine on a daily basis in order for it to last. The longevity and functionality of your coffee machine are determined by how well you maintain it. Varied machines have different requirements when it comes to maintenance. You’ll need to commit to daily cleaning and more intensive cleaning on occasion if you want to keep enjoying a superb cup of coffee.

4. Material & Quality

Convenience and user friendliness are usually at the top of the list when looking for a new coffee maker, and understandably so, but it’s also critical that the coffee machine is safe to use. To determine whether a coffee machine is safe to use look for one that has a BPA-Free label on it. Coffee machines with plastic material inside are dangerous, when this plastic comes into contact with hot liquids it releases a chemical known as BPA which is harmful to your health.

When purchasing a coffee machine, make sure it is convenient, safe to use, and easy to operate. A coffee machine that checks all of those criteria is dependable and capable of producing nearly any coffee beverage. How can you know if a coffee maker is worthwhile? Simply said, the finest machine to buy is one that is simple to use, does not endanger your health or safety, and comes with a guarantee, maintenance, and repair in the event it malfunctions.

Cleaning and maintaining your coffee equipment is as important as the coffee you buy when it comes to fresh quality coffee. Some cleaning products are simply a non-negotiable if you want to look after your equipment properly. We had a look at the Top 4 most popular Caffenu coffee machine cleaning products and will tell you below exactly how to use them and on which coffee machine they can and should be used on. Here’s to cleaning your coffee machine and enjoying fresher coffee!

The Top 4 Most Popular Caffenu cleaning products for coffee machines are

1. Eco Descaler:

The Descaler can be used on any coffee machine, kettle, and urn. It is probably the most important first step which any coffee machine requires so that limescale and mineral build-up does not lead to cold coffee, and machine blockage. Descale at least every 2-4 months depending on water hardness in your area.

Always consult your manufacturer’s instructions for descaling and rinsing procedures, first. General instructions below.

For Coffee Machines

  1. Empty 100 ml dose into water tank with 500 ml of water for the descaling solution.
  2. Insert large container under the brew spout and run 200 ml of the solution through the brew cycle.
  3. Run the 200 ml of the solution through the steam wand if applicable.
  4. Repeat step 2 & 3 until the solution is used up, allow the machine to sit for 5 minutes in between each run. When done empty and rinse water tank.
  5. Run one full tank of clean water through the machine to rinse it.
  6. Wipe surrounding surfaces with a damp cloth after descaling.

For Kettle and Urns

  1. Empty 100 ml into appliance with 500 ml of water. Empty 200 ml in 1 litre of water for Urns.
  2. Bring appliance to boil and allow boiled solution to stand for 10 minutes.
  3. Carefully empty appliance into sink and rinse.
  4. Wipe surrounding surfaces with a damp cloth after descaling.

Avoid splashing descaler on acid intolerant surfaces such as marble, silver, and limestone. Check out this cool video for more information on How to Use Caffenu Descaler.

2. Cleaning Capsules:

The Caffenu cleaning capsule cleans the brewing chamber and spout of your machine in just 2 minutes. It removes residue and build-up from inaccessible areas. Here at Caffenu we have a wide range of Cleaning capsules. Take a look at the range of Caffenu cleaning capsules. See below for instructions on how to use most cleaning capsules.

  1. Open lever and insert cleaning capsule, close lever. Press button for 30 ml cup.
  2. Wait 1 minute. Press button for 100 ml cup.
  3. Open lever to eject capsule.
  4. Close lever; press button for 200 ml cup twice to rinse.
  5. Soak drip using the cleaning solution. Empty capsule container and rinse.

Here is a cool video showing you how to use our Nespresso compatible cleaning capsule.

3. Cleaning Tablets:

The Caffenu cleaning tablets remove dirty coffee oils, odours and bitter tannins found inside brewing units, pots, and filters. They are suitable to be used on Fully Automatic, Espresso, and Filter coffee machines.

For machines with chute/chamber for pre-ground coffee 

  1. Remove brewing unit out of the machine and rinse thoroughly. Re-insert the rinsed brewing unit.
  2. Place large cup underneath the spout.
  3. Insert cleaning tablet into the chute.
  4. Select the coffee pre-grounds and select for one cup of coffee.
  5. Interrupt the programme by turning appliance off using main switch.
  6. Switch appliance on again, conduct step 4 to rinse at least three times.
  7. Remove brewing and rinse thoroughly.
  8. Soak the drip tray in the cleaning solution, allow cleaning how cleaning solution to sit for 5 minutes then rinse drip tray.

For machines with a portafilter/coffee handle with back flushing capability

  1. Turn machine on, place cleaning tablet inside the blind filter.
  2. Clamp the portafilter/coffee handle into the coffee machine.
  3. Start brew cycle for 10 seconds, then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat procedure 5 times.
  4. Remove portafilter and start brew cycle, rinse portafilter with water from group head.
  5. Re-insert portafilter with no tablet, conduct flushing procedure as in step 3 twice.
  6. Make and pour away the first cup of coffee for perfect coffee taste.

Find more information on our cleaning tablets, their usage instructions, and suitability.

4. Cleaning Powder:

The Caffenu cleaning powder removes dirty coffee oils, odours and bitter tannins from your group heads, lines, and valves. Suitable for all Manual and Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines.

Group Head Back Flushing Cleaning:

Place 1 teaspoon (3-5 g) of cleaning powder in the blind filter. Start brew cycle for 10 seconds, then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure 5 times. Remove portafilter and start brew cycle, rinse portafilter with water from group head. Re-insert portafilter without the powder and conduct flushing procedure. Make and discard the first cup of Espresso.

Weekly cleaning of filters, handles, holders, trays, and cups:

Dissolve 2 teaspoons (8-10 g) of cleaning powder per 1 litre of how water in a suitable container. Place objects to clean in solution for 20 minutes, ensure parts are clean. Rinse with fresh water thoroughly.

Check this short video on How to clean commercial machines with Caffenu Cleaning Powder.

The perks of having a capsule coffee machine like Nespresso® or Lavazza® are endless. You get to enjoy varieties of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, all in the convenience of a capsule. These drinks, however, leave residue in your capsule coffee machine, but some drinks are worse than others. Here is the beverages that leave the worst residue in your capsule coffee machine. But don’t you worry, we will also guide you in how to remove these nasty residues.

Flavoured Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea residues

The arrival of capsule drinks like flavoured coffee and hot chocolate was warmly welcomed by the capsule coffee machine community. Drinks like these are great and make having a capsule machine more worthwhile.

However, they tend to leave a dominating residue behind after each brew, affecting the taste of the next coffee you brew. Drinks like hot chocolate can leave an even thicker layer in your machine’s brewing chamber and washer plate. The washer plate especially builds up the most dirt, causing bacteria build-up and machine malfunction when left untended.

Flavoured coffees, on the other hand, can leave behind a bit more oil than regular coffee, due to the flavouring that is added to the beans. More odour and flavouring will also be left to linger in your next brew.

Those that enjoy brewing certain teas might even find a slight discolouration between brews, how’s about a cup of green coffee? All jokes aside, the combination of tastes and colours in your favourite coffee would not be pleasant.

You might find yourself tempted to stop with the flavoured coffees and hot chocolates now, but that isn’t necessary. There is a cleaning solution that will allow you to continue enjoying all these drinks!

How to remove nasty residues from your coffee capsule machine

residue in capsule coffee machines

There is only one way in effectively removing the residues of drinks like flavoured coffee, and hot chocolate. It can be achieved through the unique and powerful foaming action of a cleaning capsule.

The cleaning capsule can remove all beverage residue and oils from the brewing chamber and washer plate in just two minutes.

You might need to use two cleaning capsules if you haven’t cleaned your machine in a while, or at all. This is what comes out of your machine when using a Caffenu® cleaning capsule.

See? There’s no need to give up all the special drinks you enjoy brewing. All you need is to do some cleaning to prepare your machine for the next taste adventure!

When brewing a Nespresso® coffee, you should expect to taste some sweetness, acidity, pleasing body, and, of course, freshness with a pleasant aftertaste. One thing you should not expect is a foul, bitter taste. This is not to say there isn’t any bitter profile at all; however, an overwhelming bitterness should never be welcome in a cup. So, here’s why your Nespresso® coffee is tasting bitter.

What causes the bitterness in your Nespresso® coffee?

Nespresso® machines build up coffee oil residue with each coffee capsule that is brewed. These build-ups accumulate in the brewing chamber, spout, and washer plate of the machine (the front-end). The growth of bacteria due to the build-up and moisture is also possible.

The accumulation eventually ends up becoming part of your brew, giving you a bad, bitter-tasting coffee. This may cause alarm bells to sound (it rightfully should), but there is a trick: you can rid your Nespresso® machine of these build-ups.

Reclaim the perfect-tasting coffee

The best way to clean the front-end of your Nespresso® machine is by flushing the residue and dirt out. A thorough cleaning can be achieved with a cleaning capsule, which releases a powerful foaming agent to work through the brewing chamber, spout, and washer plate.

Using a Caffenu® cleaning capsule is as easy as using a coffee capsule, and you get to see how the cleaning capsule expels the muck which has built up in your machine (see video below). Once cleansed, you will not only have a clean, bacteria-free Nespresso® machine; most importantly, you will get to enjoy an improved coffee taste minus the foul bitterness.

Caffenu® has two choices when it comes to the Nespresso® compatible Cleaning Capsule range; our Original Formula Capsule and also an Eco Formula cleaning capsule for Nespresso® coffee machines. Now you might wonder what the difference between the two is?

There are a few slight differences; the most notable difference being that the Eco Formula cleaning capsule is completely non-hazardous. Below is a list of the main differences between the Original Formula and Eco Formula cleaning capsule.

  1. Hazard Classification

As mentioned, the main difference between the Original and the Eco formulation is that the Eco Formula is completely non-hazardous. But what does this mean? Depending on the concentration of certain ingredients inside cleaning formulas, products are allocated to a certain hazard category. This is an international standard and serves to make the products safe for consumers to use. Thus, making them aware about potential hazards when using them.

The Eco formula has a very low concentration of certain ingredients hence it is classified as non-hazardous. The Original formula, however has a higher concentration of certain ingredients, it is classified as the lowest form of a Hazard, an Eye irritant Class 2. However, it’s unlikely for the product to come into contact with your eyes, as the formula is sealed inside the capsule. Furthermore, the capsule inserts directly into your coffee machine, making it a safe and convenient product to use at home.

  1. Strength

Because of the higher concentration of active ingredients, the Original formula is stronger and slightly more effective than the Eco product. However, while the Eco formula is milder, it is still very effective, especially for domestic applications and without a doubt the perfect tool to clean your Nespresso® coffee machine at home.

  1. Ingredients

As mentioned above, the Original formula is stronger. That is in part due to two main ingredients: One being sodium percarbonate – which is a non-chlorine-based, oxygen-based bleaching agent and two being sodium carbonate. These products by themselves are quite strong and both are responsible for giving the Original Formula its “Hazardous” classification. The Eco formula consists of natural and readily biodegradable materials. It also has a lower concentration of active ingredients, hence the mildness of the product.

  1. Environmental friendliness

Both products are very eco-friendly, as both use readily biodegradable surfactants, organic materials, and minerals. Neither product contains chlorine or phosphates. The Original formula contains sodium percarbonate. This ingredient must break down into the natural components it’s made from, so it takes more time to break down. Apart from the eco-friendliness of the actual ingredients, there is also a difference on the capsule form between Original and Eco. The Original capsules are 100% recyclable whereas the Eco Cleaning Capsules now come in fully compostable capsules.

Original vs Eco: The choice is yours! No matter if you choose Original or Eco, you can be sure that your coffee machine will be well looked after, giving you fresher coffee one clean at a time!

Caffenu already launched a cleaning capsule compatible with the Nespresso coffee machine, and it works wonderfully. The thing is, not everyone has a Nespresso machine, that’s why Caffenu decided to create a cleaning capsule that could be used in most other popular coffee machines. So, the Multipod was born, and we are going to tell you all about it.

The Multipod is compatible with Caffitaly®, K-fee®, Verismo® by Starbucks®, Expressi® by Aldi® and the Tchibo® Cafissimo® System. But why use a capsule to clean the machine in the first place?

The brewing chamber of coffee machines can be full of bacteria and overall gross things and sadly we cannot clean it ourselves, hot water is not enough unfortunately. The cleaning pod is inserted just like a coffee capsule – it doesn’t get any easier. The Multipod releases a cleansing foam inside the brewing chamber, cleaning the whole front part of the machine, getting rid of bacteria and old coffee oil. The machine is cleaned on the inside as it “brews” the cleaning substances inside the capsule – just rinse afterwards, leaves no residue!

Caffenu actually tested the product with a group of customers and the average score they got was a 4.7 which is considered excellent, proving that the Multipod works and does the job well.

A clean machine not only makes your coffee taste better, but can actually improve the life span of your machine – if you think it is broken, it might just need a good clean. Please don’t forget, using a cleaning capsule on your machine is only one part of the process. Please also remember to descale your machine regularly. Cleaning does not replace the need for descaling!

Coffee machines are some of the most significant appliances in any home. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning announces the breaking of a new day, bringing the family together for a few minutes. As silly as it may sound, coffee brings people together all around the world. But in serving good coffee, it is important to understand that the cleaning of your coffee machine is very important. Not many people realize how dirty it can get in there. Oil and bacteria building up in your machine can not only affect the taste of the coffee, but can also be a health risk.

Caffenu is a brand that takes this issue serious and offers you products that take care of the cleaning of your capsule coffee machine. It is easy to use and works amazingly well. But if you don’t believe us, you can ask any of the 1 million people that tested our products. Customers worldwide are raving about our brand, especially about our innovative cleaning capsule that works very different to a descaler, and cleans the front part of your machine.

Currently Caffenu has received immensely positive reviews from all over the world. “Great cleaning process, extremely efficient, the coffee tastes better than ever”, writes a costumer form the United States. “Simple, very effective, and cleans inaccessible places”, writes someone from France. It’s safe to say, 1 million people can’t be wrong.

Being sold in over 24 countries, Caffenu is uniting the world around a common pleasure: Great tasting Coffee. Because remember, only a clean machine makes the perfect coffee!

In November 2015 the first ever Caffenu® cleaning capsule for Nespresso® machines successfully launched, and has changed the way home users clean their coffee equipment.

Caffenu® developed the world’s first capsule that cleans the brewing chamber of Nespresso® coffee machines. Because of its unique foaming action, the capsule cleans where a descaler can’t reach, and has brought coffee pod machine cleaning to an entirely new level. The results are fresh, and better tasting coffee, and extended life span of the machine.

Caffenu® now has a footprint in over 32 countries, the most successful regions being:

1st The UK
2nd Germany
3rd Italy
4th Scandinavia
5th The Netherlands

The large success of the Caffenu® cleaning capsule proves that coffee lovers all around the world want to take care of their beloved equipment, and they do not want to compromise on taste. By cleaning your machine with Caffenu®, you always make sure that you get the freshest, best-tasting coffee possible.

If you are interested in distributing or selling our innovative products in your country or region, please contact us.

Here is to fresher coffee, by cleaning one machine at a time!

Read more about this unique invention here.

There is a lot that our eyes can´t see, most of which we probably wouldn’t want to know about. But we ask ourselves sometimes: How hygienic is the inside of my Nespresso® compatible coffee machine? Our experts took some microbiological swabs, and had them independently tested by SWIFT Silliker labs Merieux Siences. The results were absolutely shocking.

What is going on inside your coffee machine? We did the test!

Swabs were taken of two areas in the brewing chamber of the coffee machine. Number One: the washer plate. Number Two: the inside of the nozzle. These are the areas where your coffee gets brewed and then dispensed into your cup. We swabbed the areas before and then after they had been cleaned with one Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule.

Multiple tests were carried out on the samples provided. The SWIFT lab measured the Total Microbial Activity (TMA), also known as TVC (Total Viable Count) which shows the overall microorganisms present, a general indicator of cleanliness and also provided results for yeast and mould on the inside of the coffee machine.


The truth about the hygiene of your Nespresso® coffee machine revealed

The results, especially for the microbial activity testing, horrified and amazed us at the same time.

The washer plate of the Nespresso® compatible coffee machine had a reading of 4000 colony forming units (CFU)! Anything more than 75 CFU as stated in the official Health Act (Act 63, 1977) on Total Microbial Activity is unsatisfactory and any reading above 1000 CFU is unacceptable as it raises major health concerns. SWIFT states that it requires immediate attention. The washer plate was therefore nearly 54 times over the limit of the official Health Act recommendation. The Mould reading came to 10 CFU on the washer plate, which is not concerning, but it is still not nice to know that mould could end up in your coffee cup.

The nozzle TMA reading showed 270 CFU, which is over 3.5 times more than the recommendation by the Health Act and measured as unacceptable by SWIFT, it requires attention.

The good news: Look what happens when you clean your Nespresso® machine

After cleaning the Nespresso® compatible coffee machine with only one Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule, the results went from shocking to excellent. The foaming agent in the Caffenu® capsule was able to decrease the TMA results to a great reading that was well within the health acts guidelines for acceptable results and got rid of all mould traces on the washer plate in just one go.

These results prove that cleaning your machine with the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule is not only the best way to maintain your machine and get rid of all residue, build up and particles that can block your machine. It is also the easiest and most effective way to ensure your machine is protected from harmful bacteria at a microscopic level. And perhaps most importantly, ensures you get the best cup of coffee every time.


*The test results mentioned above were independently provided by SWIFT Silliker (Pty) Ldt, 7 Warrington Road, Cape Town, South Africa. Please see recommendations and guidelines below.


5 <10 CFU / 10 cm2 Excellent
4 10-70 CFU / 10 cm2 Good
3 71-99 CFU/ 10 cm2 Acceptable
2 100-1000 CFU/ 10 cm2 Unacceptable, requires attention
1 >1000 CFU/ 10 cm2 Unacceptable, requires immediate attention

CFU (colony forming units)


Health Act (Act 63, 1977) SABS 049
< 100CFU/cm2

(no more than 100

bacteria / cm2)


<15 CFU/ 1000 mm2 Satisfactory
16-75 CFU/ 1000 mm2 Fairly Satisfactory
>75 CFU / 1000 mm2 Unsatisfactory
Comments: 1000mm2 = 10 cm2

CFU (colony forming units)

Nespresso® coffee machines have become more popular than ever before. People have moved away from cheaper instant brands in favour of top quality sourced blends with unique flavours and aromas.

More coffee lovers are enjoying the convenience of having an Espresso or Cappuccino available at the push of a button. With a wide variety of coffee blends available, including flavoured coffees, hot chocolate and even tea capsules, there are so many options to choose from. It’s simply a matter of which blend to try next.

The Need for an Effective Nespresso® Machine Cleaner

Originally developed for the home consumer, Nespresso® coffee machines have now made their way into offices and boardrooms, sometimes churning out up to 100 cups of steaming coffee a day. As a result of this, a high demand for an effective, top quality coffee machine cleaner has surfaced. Just like a vending machine or bean-to-cup machine, Nespresso® pod machines need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent blockages and other problems that arise as a result of high use.

Up until now, there has been only one effective way to clean a Nespresso® coffee machine. With the help of a descaler, one can simply clean out the inside of the pump and boiler of the machine. However, the descaler does not clean the brewing chamber of the machine, which is right where the nozzle sits and exactly where your coffee gets extracted every time you push the button. (Read about the difference between descaling your machine vs. using a Cleaning Capsule here.)

Over time, a lot of residue builds up and remains behind in the brewing chamber. Odours and old coffee residue can end up in your cup, block your machine, or even worse, ruin that amazing coffee taste. These areas in the machine are impossible to reach using the usual cleaning and descaling procedures. (What is hiding inside your Nespresso® machine. Find out here.)

This is why the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was invented.

How Does the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule Work?

The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule cleans the brewing chamber of your Nespresso® coffee machine within two minutes, releasing a unique foaming action inside the chamber that flushes out the old residue and build up at the push of a button.

You simply insert the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule like you would a normal coffee capsule, and watch as the contents of the capsule flush out the residue that have remained inside your coffee machine. The results speak for themselves. Watch a demo video here.

Never before has there been a more convenient way to effectively clean your Nespresso® machine with so many additional benefits.

The Benefits of Using the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule

There are several benefits in using this innovative cleaning capsule:

  1. Using the Cleaning Capsule after every 30 coffees made can extend the lifespan of your coffee pod machine.
  2. The use of the Capsule regularly also improves the flavour of the coffee, as you demand a pure extraction.
  3. The cleaning components within the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule are 100% safe to use, and are an SABS-approved food grade product made from biodegradable and organic materials.
  4. Cleaning your pod machine is now as easy as making a cup of coffee.

How to Clean Your Nespresso® Machine Effectively

The best way to clean your Nespresso® coffee pod machine would be to combine the two methods mentioned above: using a descaler and also using a cleaning capsule.

By taking good care of your coffee pod machine, you can make sure it lasts for years as you experience your coffee like nu again.

If you are interested in purchasing the product for yourself, you can check here if we got a stockist in your area/country.

Should you want to become a distributor, please contact us here.

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