Don’t forget your coffee machine this Valentine’s Day!

If you love your coffee machine, you need to show it

Valentine’s Day is here, and there’s no doubt you are showering those closest to you with love and appreciation! But what about your coffee machine? If you love your coffee machine, you need to show it. But how can you do that? It’s not like it would enjoy a hug.

The answer is simple: maintenance through regular cleaning & descaling!

Cleaning your coffee machine and equipment is essential for keeping your machine in top performance, as well as the taste of the coffee.

Cleaning your coffee machine with a Caffenu Cleaning Capsule will help with:

  • Extending your machine’s lifespan
  • Removing old coffee oil and residue
  • Improvement of your machine’s performance
  • Improvement of overall coffee flow and taste

Descaling your coffee machine every 3 – 6 months with the Caffenu liquid descaler will help with removing limescale, calcium, and rust build-up from your coffee machine’s heating element & pipes, which will not only improve your coffee’s taste & temperature but will also enhance its performance as well as extend its lifespan!

Check out our reseller page to see where you can find Caffenu products in your area! And remember, love your machine, and it will love you back! ❤

Posted on February 14, 2023 , in Descaling

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