Descaling is a very important step in maintaining your coffee machine & ensuring you get a perfectly hot & fresh cup of coffee. Descaling isn’t just for your coffee machine though; we recommend regular descaling on kettles & urns as well to keep them in tip-top shape.

Before we start, we recommend that you descale your coffee machine, kettle or urn every 2 – 4 months depending on how many cups you have per month and the water hardness of your area.

To descale your coffee machine, it is best to consult your manufacturer’s instruction manual for descaling and rinsing procedures as the below are general instructions. Most machines have a descaling setting.

Coffee Machines

  1. Empty 100ml (single dose) Caffenu Eco Descaler into the water tank with 500 ml of water to create the descaling solution.
  2. Place a large container under the brew spout and run approximately 200 ml of the solution through the brew cycle into the container.
  3. Run approximately 200 ml; of the solution through the steam wand (if your machine has one) into the container.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all of the solution is used up, allowing the machine to sit for 5 minutes in between each run.
  5. Empty the water tank and rinse well.
  6. Rinse the machine by running one full tank of clean water through the machine (repeating steps 2 & 3 with water only).
  7. After you are done descaling your machine, clean the appliance and surrounding area with a clean, damp cloth.

Kettles & Urns

  1. Empty 100 ml (single dose) Caffenu Eco Descaler into the kettle or urn with 500 ml of water. For larger urns, use 200 ml (double dose) with 1l of water.
  2. Bring the appliance to boil and allow the boiled solution to stand for 10 min to ensure optimum scale removal.
  3. Empty the appliance carefully, directly into a sink and rinse thoroughly.
  4. Wipe the appliance with a clean and damp cloth.

In addition to using the Caffenu Eco descaler, we recommend using a Caffenu Cleaning Capsule (for your specific machine). Additionally, we recommend cleaning tablets if you own a professional, and/or fully automatic/bean to cup machine. Doing so not only ensures optimal machine performance and maintenance, but also for your health and the perfect cup of coffee every time!

Check out this video for easy visual instructions on how to use Caffenu Eco Descaler on a Nespresso® Machine:


Caffenu receives official Intertek certification. Thus proving the quality and effectiveness of the Caffenu coffee machine cleaning product line. Furthermore, verifying the safety in direct food contact applications! Intertek is a multinational inspection, product testing, and certification company that tested the Caffenu Range against high international standards.

Which products have been certified and what are they certified for?

Intertek tests were done on the following products: The Caffenu Eco Descaler, the Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder which is also used as an ingredient inside our Cleaning Capsule Range, our Milk System Cleaner, and Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets. All test efforts came back with great results.

Certified as safe for use in direct food contact applications

The above product lines were put through an extensive set of testing, and are officially certified as safe for use as a cleaning agent in direct food contact applications. Caffenu has always ensured that our products, as well as their ingredients are safe for these applications, but receiving an official certificate once again reassures the safety and effectiveness of our cleaners and descalers to our consumers. All products are guaranteed to be safe for use with coffee machines, domestic and commercial.

Additionally, the product formulations were also assessed for toxological safety, and have all proven to be non-toxic. This is not just important for our consumers, dealing with the products, but furthermore for the environment, as Caffenu strives to develop eco-friendly products that use sustainable ingredients.

Certified as a disinfectant, kills 99.9% of bacteria

Furthermore, our Eco Descaler even though using a very eco-friendly formula, and Milk System Cleaner have been recognised and certified as disinfectants and antiseptics for use in food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas. The EN 1276 test was done according to European standards and found that both products assist with the removal of 99.9% of germs and bacteria while still being safe for use as cleaners in direct food contact applications.

The official Intertek certifications that we have received assure us on an international level that our products are safe for use in all coffee equipment cleaning. It also assures our current and prospective clients and distributors that we follow a strict quality standards, and we are proud to develop products that are not only safe but also eco-friendly and effective.

Cleaning a coffee machine is vital for its performance and lifespan, as well as the quality of coffee it brews. We have previously posted about cleaning a Nespresso® Original machine and how you can do it. If you however own a Nespresso® Vertuo® machine, you might still be asking yourself how to clean it? Worry not, we are going to discuss Nespresso® Vertuo® Cleaning vs Nespresso® Original Cleaning.

Nespresso® Vertuo® Cleaning

Right now there is not many cleaning products available on the market for the Nespresso® Vertuo® aside from a descaler for limescale prevention/removal. The machine does however have a rinsing cycle “feature”, which flushes water out the machine. This flush cycle however lacks the required foaming action to remove hardened coffee oils and tannins. Until a cleaning capsule is available for the Vertuo® system, the water only flush cycle will unfortunately be your only option to flush out your machine.

You should also clean the externals of the machine with a soft, damp cloth and soak the drip tray, capsule basket, and water tank. Using the descaler will also ensure you prevent limescale and mineral build-up, keeping your machine in good working order to brew hot coffee.

Nespresso® Original Cleaning

Nespresso® Original capsule machines have a more intensive cleaning solution available. Original machines such as the Nespresso® Essenza®, Inissia® etc., have a convenient and easy-to-use cleaning capsule at hand.

The cleaning capsule has a unique foaming action which penetrates inaccessible parts of these machines, flushing out coffee residues and oils. This cleaning helps keep the machine working properly, bacteria away, and most importantly, your coffee fresh.

Like any other coffee machine, these machines also have to be descaled, keeping the limescale and mineral build-up at bay. The Nespresso® Original can easily be descaled without too many steps to follow, but always be sure to follow the usage instructions from both your machine manufacturer and the descaler instructions.

If you are in need of a cleaning routine for your Nespresso® Original machine, then you will find the best spring cleaning routine here. It will take you less than 5 minutes to enjoy a perfectly fresh cup of coffee!

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of Nespresso® Vertuo® cleaning vs Nespresso® Original cleaning! If not, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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