David Donde is the founder of Truth Coffee Roasting, a famous Coffee Shop in Cape Town that’s just been awarded best coffee shop in the world by The Telegraph in the UK.

Truth Coffee stocks the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule for Nespresso® machines in their Online Store. We wanted to know why!

Why is it so important to keep your coffee equipment clean?

David Donde answered: “It´s pretty straight forward. I think that a machine that is not clean, is not gonna bring out the best in coffee. You start getting tanning build-up, oil build-up, the oils start going rancid, various problems, so anything that can keep it clean is good.”

David knows that a clean coffee machine is vital for any coffee production. Dirty machines with build-up inside give you bitter coffee, no matter what coffee or technique you use. “Clean your coffee machine, it is not a maybe, it is a must!”

Watch the Video here

Health Risk

Old coffee residue can not only affect the taste of your coffee, but also your health. Have a look at the shocking results of Bacteria in Nespresso® coffee machines here.

Regular cleaning will improve the taste of your coffee, and get rid of harmful bacteria inside your coffee machine – use Caffenu®!

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