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Does your Nespresso® coffee machine give you more issues than coffee?

We have all been there. We crawl out of bed, switch on our beloved coffee machine, and push the button so that we can finally start the day with the help of a good cup of coffee. But something isn’t right…

Oh my word, I hear you thinking. Now I have to take it in for a very expensive service, and will be without coffee for weeks until they can figure out what is wrong with my Nespresso® machine.

Hold on! Your Nespresso® machine might just need a proper clean!

Most of machine failures or poor performance issues are caused by blockages in the brewing chamber of your coffee machine. This is the part where your coffee gets brewed, so every time you make a coffee, a layer of coffee oil stays behind. These oily residues dry out, and can literally block the entire washer plate of your coffee machine.

Leah Armstrong saved her Nespresso® machine

“Our Nespresso® machine stopped working, the coffee came out drop by drop so we figured it’s time for it to retire. I really don’t like just throwing things away though, so did some research and found the Caffenu® cleaning capsules. We ran a few cleaning capsules through because the machine was REALLY bad. After a long reverential silence at what came out, we made a coffee and the machine worked! It just needed a good clean all along. And now we clean our machine regularly.”

Cleaning capsules to the rescue

The Caffenu® cleaning capsules are specifically designed to remove old coffee oils, build-up and blockages from the brewing chamber of your coffee machine. Hot water flushes or other cleaning methods such as descaling do not solve the issue. The cleaning capsule releases a unique foaming agent that gets into all the nucks and grannies inside your machine. Next time your Nespresso® machine is playing up, just think Caffenu®. Only a clean machine, makes the perfect coffee!

Do you realize what goes on inside your Nespresso® coffee machine?

Every time you extract a shot of espresso, a layer of coffee oil stays behind inside the brewing chamber of your machine. Today we want to talk about the dirtiest part inside your Nespresso® coffee machine. It is not the water tank, or the pipes, it is the washer plate!

What is the washer plate?

The washer plate in your Nespresso® coffee machine is a vital part of the brewing process. You can think of it as the filter in your machine. It has many tiny holes in it almost like the shower head in your shower, only much smaller thus the name washer plate.

This is where the front part or the foil lid of your coffee capsule sits up against. When you press your button for your favorite coffee the pressure builds up inside the capsule which then pushes the foil lid up against the washer plate’s raised profile.

caffenu clean vs descale

When the pressure is correct, the foil bursts and the coffee gets extracted through the tiny holes in the washer plate which then pass through the spout which leads into the nozzle and finally into your cup.

The dirtiest part of your Nespresso® coffee machine

So the truth is, every time you make a coffee, it needs to pass through the tiny holes in the washer plate. This is great when it is all nice and clean to brew your perfect cup of coffee, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Below you can see an image of a normal cleaned washer plate (left) and a blocked washer plate (right). On the blocked washer plate there is barely space or holes for the coffee to pass through due to all the build-up. You can still see all the coffee residue that is blocking the holes.

dirty clean washer plateIf you don´t clean your brewing chamber regularly, this will ultimately happen and your machine might stop working. This gradual blockage can stress and damage your machine. But even worse, a blocked washer plate is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. All your coffee gets filtered and then passes through this dirty washer plate which spoils the flavor and aroma of your coffee.

With the advent of other beverages like hot chocolate and tea’s which can cause excessive build up, this problem will only get worse. Fortunately the solution is easy by regularly using Caffenu’s cleaning capsules with its unique foaming action and powerful cleansing action which works to break down build up in inaccessible area’s. The capsule removes residue in just 2 minutes from your washer plate, clears the holes and cleans the whole spout and brewing chamber of your machine.

The best way to prevent blocked and dirty Nespresso® machines is to start using the Caffenu® cleaning capsules right from the beginning, so from new, to keep your machine clean and ensuring you get the perfect cup every time.

A customer returned their Nespresso ® coffee machine to our offices last week, a CitiZ Nespresso ® machine. He said there was poor flow, the machine was dripping and the coffee had a funny taste. It was all together not a good coffee experience.

dirty CitiZ Nespresso machineOnce our technicians opened up the coffee machine, we could tell the customer exactly why. Look at how much dirt and build-up is in this Nespresso ® coffee machine. You can see residue from coffee oils, and tea as well. The worst thing though is what you don´t see: the bacteria that sits on there which can cause serious health issues if you are still drinking the coffee.

Please, don´t let it get that bad!

The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was specifically developed to keep your machine in good shape. The specifically formulated foaming agent is released directly inside the brewing chamber and nozzle of your machine, flushing out dirt, bacteria and old coffee residue. It goes into inaccessible areas that cannot be cleaned by your usual cleaning procedure, not even by descaling your machine.

The best time to start cleaning your machine is now, or straight after you bought it

If you take good care of the equipment, the equipment will take good care of you by giving you the coffee experience you deserve. You also increase the lifespan of your machine by cleaning it regularly, so you can drink delicious coffee for longer!

Here is to clean and fresh coffee! Clean your machine.

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