Sanitize and keeping it clean, that is now more important than ever. You have probably seen this build-up at the bottom of your kettle before?

This comes from the high concentration of calcium in some of the water we use. In order to test the efficiency of sanitizing products, we took this old kettle with an impressive build-up of limescale and decided to put our Caffenu® Eco Descaler to the test!

The results were overwhelming (all the build-up stuff is gone!): a limescale-free, sanitized kettle. Now just think about this: The surface of your kettle is visible, you can actually see the build-up, but what about the inside of your coffee machine? There are places we simply can’t see, where heat and moisture are present. Those places build up that exact limescale, as well as coffee residues and bacteria.

It isn’t a fun thing to consider, but coffee machines do build up some foul mess, and that’s why it is essential to give your coffee machine a thorough cleaning every now and then, too; to avoid the potentially harmful substances that build up in your precious machine, and ensure you always get a perfect cup of coffee!

Please remember, also use a cleaning capsule on your machine (if available) or a cleaning tablet, as it is just as important as descaling. Here is a complete guide on how to clean which specific coffee machine.

Please, keep it clean!

Don’t freak out! We know that being caught laundering can have some serious legal implications, but Caffenu has figured out a way to keep all your dealings clean (at least, the coffee-related ones…).

The only criminals in your coffee dealings are the bacteria clogging up your spout. Not to worry though, our expertly designed products detect dirt hidden in your coffee machine. Caffenu will help you launder your lattes, so you can have peace of mind when enjoying your fresh cup.

Our cleaning range will ensure your coffee machine can handle your coffee transactions smoothly and efficiently. Visit our products page to learn more and put them to the test – you’ll thank us when you’re sipping on a cup of freshly laundered latte.

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