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A customer returned their Nespresso ® coffee machine to our offices last week, a CitiZ Nespresso ® machine. He said there was poor flow, the machine was dripping and the coffee had a funny taste. It was all together not a good coffee experience.

dirty CitiZ Nespresso machineOnce our technicians opened up the coffee machine, we could tell the customer exactly why. Look at how much dirt and build-up is in this Nespresso ® coffee machine. You can see residue from coffee oils, and tea as well. The worst thing though is what you don´t see: the bacteria that sits on there which can cause serious health issues if you are still drinking the coffee.

Please, don´t let it get that bad!

The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was specifically developed to keep your machine in good shape. The specifically formulated foaming agent is released directly inside the brewing chamber and nozzle of your machine, flushing out dirt, bacteria and old coffee residue. It goes into inaccessible areas that cannot be cleaned by your usual cleaning procedure, not even by descaling your machine.

The best time to start cleaning your machine is now, or straight after you bought it

If you take good care of the equipment, the equipment will take good care of you by giving you the coffee experience you deserve. You also increase the lifespan of your machine by cleaning it regularly, so you can drink delicious coffee for longer!

Here is to clean and fresh coffee! Clean your machine.

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