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We know that the Caffenu® cleaning capsule removes old oils, tannins and odors out of the brewing chamber of your Nespresso® coffee machine.

But what is inside the capsule that makes it work so well?

Isn’t it just bicarbonate of soda also known as baking soda?

Short answer no. Long answer also no.

The capsule contains a food safe product formulation which is specifically designed for the coffee industry. It comprises of 3 main ingredients that make a unique blend to clean your machine with the best possible results.

The first ingredient is sodium carbonate which is in fact a similar ingredient to bicarbonate of soda, but sodium carbonate has twice the sodium than bicarbonate of soda. It also has weak disinfectant properties and it is an effective fungicide against some organisms. It is also a great odor remover and works as a mechanical cleanser.

The second main ingredient is our oxygen based bleaching agent. This ingredient gives the Caffenu® product the unique foaming action as well as its powerful dirt and residue lifting power. This ingredient makes sure that inaccessible areas in your machine are cleaned properly.

The third main ingredient is the surfactant – this in simple terms is the detergent part of the ingredients. It allows the oils to mix with water which usually do not mix. And works to break down the surface tension of the water.

All of the ingredients lend to each other to make the unique Caffenu® product. Its superior formula allows to remove all oils, bitter tannins, build-up and odors that collect in your coffee machine which can affect the taste of your coffee, your health and the longevity of your machine. Pure bicarbonate of soda could never achieve these results.

All of the raw ingredients inside the Caffenu® cleaning capsule are naturally biodegradable and do not leave any residue in your Nespresso® machine after cleaning, which makes it 100% safe to use. So enjoy your coffee, now fresher than ever before.

Only a clean machine makes the perfect coffee!

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