Caffenu® Eco Cleaning Capsules for Nespresso®

Compatible with Nespresso® Original Coffee Machines

Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

Compatible with Nespresso® original

  • Eco foaming action gets into hard to reach areas
  • Odourless and leaves zero residue
  • 100% Organic & Safe to use
  • Efficiently removes coffee oil and bacteria
  • Enhances coffee flow and flavour
  • Improves machine longevity & performance
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Capsules are fully compostable
  • Includes 5 capsules for Nespresso® Original
  • Not a descaler: Please also descale regularly
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How to

Watch video on how to use the Caffenu® Eco cleaning capsules

Cleaning your Nespresso® Original machine couldn’t be simpler, and more eco-friendly. Flush out old coffee residue, oil, and bacteria build-up with total ease, at the press of a button.

Insert a Caffenu® Eco cleaning capsule as you would a coffee capsule. Run, rinse, ready. Watch the video to the left or follow the easy Step by Step guide below. Clean at least once a month, or after 30 coffees made.

Place large container under spout. Press button for small cup.

Wait 1 minute. Then press button for large cup.

[If your machine automatically ejected the capsule, simply re-insert (Caution: Hot!) and press button for large cup.]

Eject Capsule.

Caution: Capsule is hot after extraction.

Close lever. Press button for large cup twice to rinse.

Discard solution.

Top Tip! Use cleaning solution to soak your drip tray and capsule basket.

Product info


Coffee capsule machines can easily become hot spots for bacteria growth and mould. In fact, each time you brew a coffee, heat and moisture develops inside the Nespresso® machine’s brewing chamber, and spout, making it attractive to bacteria. Furthermore, bacteria can feed off the coffee residue left after each brew.

Our Caffenu® Eco Nespresso® compatible cleaning capsule was carefully formulated with an exclusively eco-friendly foaming action to flush through and effectively clean inaccessible areas of your Nespresso® Original coffee machine.

Its premium, yet mild and eco-friendly ingredients access and clean the essential brewing areas like the brew chamber, machine spout, and nozzle. Unlike a descaler which works on the boiler and pipes, the capsule ensures that the machine is cleaned properly, to give you better tasting coffee free of old residue and germs.

The trusted Caffenu® Eco cleaning capsule is made of compostable capsules and a completely non-hazardous cleaning formula, making it 100% safe to use.

Ideally use after 30 cups made, or at least once a month. These cleaning capsules are also ideal for use when switching between beverages such as tea, flavoured coffee, or hot chocolate.

Why the Caffenu® Eco cleaning capsule?

Your Nespresso® Original machine’s brewing chamber, spout, and washer plate can become riddled with old coffee residue, and oil. This oil and residue build-up can cause an onset of bacteria growth when left uncleaned.

Each time you make a coffee, the residue and oil accumulate, ruining the taste of your fresh coffee. Failure to clean your coffee machine can affect the taste of your coffee, as well as the performance of the machine.

Unfortunately flushing your machine with hot water, not even descaling your machine, will reach the areas in the brew chamber. You need a detergent based cleaner that foams to remove oily residue and bacteria.

The Caffenu® Eco cleaning capsule pumps an advanced and eco-friendly foaming agent through the brew chamber, cleansing your Nespresso® Original machine of residue, oil, and bacteria in just 2 minutes. Cleaning could not be easier.


Millions of happy customers

5 stars review

Great product for cleaning the Nespresso machine, we buy & use regularly!

Maria purchased Caffenu Eco Cleaning Capsules for Nespresso Original

5 stars review

Very good product for cleaning.

Tony purchased Caffenu Eco Cleaning Capsules for Nespresso Original

5 stars review

Good way to clean nozzles, quick and efficient.

S. E. Humphrey purchased Caffenu Eco Cleaning Capsules for Nespresso Original

United Kingdom
5 stars review

Super encapsulate, easy to clean the machine, then the machine runs much better, no weird smell or taste.

Joosti purchased Caffenu Eco Cleaning Capsules for Nespresso Original


Having doubt about the need to clean your Nespresso® machine? Flushing with hot water and descaling regularly is unfortunately not enough.

But don’t worry. You can get these results below, easy and quick. Our cleaning capsules can take your machine in 2 minutes from ‘Ew’ to ‘Nu’.

The dirty washer plate of a Nespresso® machine

Swipe right for after

Clean washer plate after using 1 Caffenu® cleaning capsule

Swipe left for before

Dirty spout of a Nespresso® machine

Swipe right for after

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule removed all the dirty blockages

Swipe left for before


Choose your option

The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules are available in our Eco Formula and our Original Formula. Both are environmentally friendly products. The choice is yours!


  • Eco-friendly but strong active cleaning ingredient
  • Capsules are fully recyclable
Go Original


  • Completely non-hazardous, eco-friendly formula
  • Capsules are fully compostable

Machine compatibility

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule is compatible with all Nespresso® machines at date of manufacture including:

Le Cube®
Delonghi Latissima®
Delonghi Latissima Touch®
Delonghi Latissima Pro®

U Milk®
Grand Maestria®


This capsule is not designed for the Nespresso® VertuoLine capsule system, and has not been tested in the Miele® built in and free standing machines.

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule will also work in any Nespresso® compatible machine, as well as any machines that can use either the Nespresso® Grand Crus range of capsules or any alternative capsule designed for that system.


What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

The Eco formula cleaning capsule and Eco descaler each have an individual purpose. Firstly, the cleaning capsule targets the front part of your machine, removing old coffee oil and residue out of the brewing chamber.

However, the descaler works on the back parts of your capsule machine, removing limescale and calcium deposits from your machine’s internal components, such as the heating element and pipes.




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