Caffenu® Cleaning Tablets

The Caffenu® cleaning tablet removes dirty coffee oils, odours and bitter tannins that collect inside brewing units, pots and filters.
With its powerful degreasing agent, it cleans coffee appliances effectively. Regular cleaning increases the life span of your machine
and contributes to a perfect coffee taste. Available in a
Retail Blister or in Tubs.

Perfect for Fully Automatic, Espresso and Filter Coffee Machines

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Caffenu® Cleaning Powder

This concentrated, fast acting cleaner removes dirty coffee oils, odours and bitter tannins from your group heads, lines and valves. Perfect for your daily backflushing routine and to soak coffee equipment parts. The Caffenu® Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder will keep your coffee machines working perfectly, ensuring the best cup of coffee every time.


Perfect for Manual and Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines

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Caffenu® Milk System Cleaner

Cleaning your coffee machine’s milk system is a crucial part of machine maintenance. Milk frothing circuits and steam wands build up milk blockages that can lead to machine failures. The Caffenu® Liquid Milk System Cleaner prevents blockage and sanitizes your system, by efficiently cleaning and maintaining the milk frothing system or circuit.


Perfect for Automatic One-touch Milk Circuits,
Steam Wands & any Dairy Equipment

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Caffenu® Group Head Cleaning Brush

One of the many components that need thorough cleaning are the group heads, shower screen and seal. The Caffenu® Cleaning Brush for Espresso Machine Group Heads is a multi-functional tool designed with an ergonomic handle to clean these components.
It also has an integrated measuring spoon for easy and convenient dosing of cleaning powder.


Perfect for all Espresso Coffee Machines with Group Heads

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