Caffenu® FAQ’s

Will the Caffenu® cleaning capsule descale my coffee machine?

No, the Caffenu® cleaning capsule works in the front of the coffee machine. It is not designed to enter through the back, the water tank of your Nespresso® machine, nor is it made of the right ingredients. Please use the Caffenu® liquid descaler to descale your machine.

How often should I use the cleaning capsule?

We recommend that you use the Caffenu® cleaning capsule after every 30 coffees made. Or at least once a month.

Will using the product affect the taste of my coffee?

The detergent inside the capsule leaves no residue, and does not stain your machine. In fact, because it helps to get rid of old coffee build up inside your machine, it actually enhances the aroma and flavour of your coffee, ensuring that you only get the best taste, every time.

Can I drink what´s inside the capsule?

NO! Please follow the instructions carefully. Just because the product is food safe does not mean it is safe to drink. Please make sure you dispose of the water in your cup after running the cleaning capsule through the machine. You can however store the cleaning capsules next to your normal coffee capsules. No cross contamination will occur.

Is the cleaning capsule safe to use in my Nespresso® machine?

The cleaning capsule will fit exactly and will not damage your Nespresso® coffee machine. It might feel marginally harder to close the lever, this is to ensure correct sealing and seating of the coffee capsule.

Will the capsule damage my Nespresso® machine?

NO! Quite the opposite, regular use will increase the working lifespan of your machine.

Can I use the cleaning capsule in my Nespresso® compatible coffee machine?

Yes, if your machine is designed for Nespresso® capsules. The cleaning capsule will work in your compatible coffee machine.

Will it work in my Nespresso® U machine?

Yes, it will work but please follow specific instructions for the U® and U Milk® machines due to the fact that these machines eject capsules automatically. Should the capsule for whatever reason not eject automatically, you can push it down manually to eject.

Will this work in any other coffee machine?

No. This capsule is specifically designed for Nespresso® and compatible machines only. Should you wish to enquire about a different capsule system, please contact us directly as we are constantly in development of new products.

Will this work in my Nespresso® Vertuoline or commercial machine?

No. This capsule is only designed for the Nespresso® Grand Crus Range of machines, see Machine Compatibility.

Water leakage, is that normal?

Yes, a little bit of water leakage out the front first or out the rear is normal.

Capsules collapsed, is that normal?

Sometimes, due to the pressure and the fact that there is no more material remaining inside the capsule (unlike a coffee inside a coffee capsule to hold its shape) it can collapse, but this is ok and will not damage your machine. This is also one of the reasons Nespresso® cannot create their own cleaning capsule as their soft aluminum will crumple with no coffee inside to hold its shape.

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