Safe & Clean Eco Descaler for Vertuo®

Made for Nespresso® Vertuo® Coffee Machines

Safe & Clean Eco Descaler for Nespresso® Vertuo®

Compatible with all Nespresso® VertuoLine® Coffee Machines

  • Includes 4 Uses
  • High concentrated, yet eco-friendly liquid
  • Boosts Vertuo® machine performance
  • Plant-based lactic acid
  • Improves coffee flow & taste
  • Extends brewer lifespan
  • Removes limescale & minerals
  • Odourless & leaves zero residue
  • Intertek Certified, read more here
  • Includes 2 x 200ml descalers (4 doses)
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Download usage instructions for the Caffenu® Eco Descaler for Vertuo

The Safe & Clean Eco Descaler for Vertuo® is specifically developed for Nespresso® VertuoLine® capsule machines, containing a higher concentration of active ingredients. The higher concentration makes the descaling solution exceptionally powerful, making it more effective in combatting limescale and mineral build-up in VertuoLine® machines.

It is best to follow the manufacturer descaling instructions for your specific VertuoLine® machine. But you can download the below usage instructions to closely guide you in descaling your machine.

Product info


Do you know that Nespresso® Vertuo® coffee machines accumulate limescale and mineral deposits like all other Nespresso® machines? These deposits affect the taste of your coffee and reduce the lifespan of your brewer.

The lifespan of the machine is shortened because the limescale build-up can damage the heating element and internal components such as the pump and pipes of the Vertuo®, when left to accumulate.

This descaling solution, specifically developed for Nespresso® VertuoLine® machines has a higher concentration of active ingredients, making it more powerful and effective in reaching the critical parts of your Nespresso® machine, getting rid of all calcium deposits.

Includes 4 Uses. Descale your Vertuo® machine when the descaling light comes on, or every 2-4 months as a general guideline.

Why the Caffenu® Descaler for Vertuo?

The limescale and mineral deposits that gather on the piping and heating element can be damaging to your Vertuo® machine.

Furthermore, failing to descale the VertuoLine® can cause the machine to brew cold, poor-tasting coffee.

The concentrated, eco-friendly Descaler developed for VertuoLine® removes limescale and mineral deposits from your machine to maintain its internal components so it runs smoothly for a long time.

Additionally, it prevents corrosion and limits further damage, all while sanitizing the inside thanks to its antibacterial properties.


If you still need a reason to descale your Nespresso® Vertuo® machine, then have a look at the below. The white stuff and rust you see in kettles? Don’t worry, the descaler will remove this for you, efficiently and eco-friendly.

Rust build-up in kettle

Swipe right for after

Kettle after descaling

Swipe left for before

Limescale on heating element

Swipe right for after

Descaled heating element

Swipe left for before

Machine compatibility

The Caffenu® Descaler for VertuoLine® is compatible with all Nespresso® Vertuo® Machines but also works on other brands including Breville® and other brands that use the Vertuo® Capsule System.




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