Caffenu® Double Action Cleaning Tablets for Jura®

Perfect for Jura® Automatic Coffee Machines

Double Action Cleaning Tablets for Jura®

Suitable for Jura® Machines

  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Cleans & protects
  • Superb for Jura<span class=”copyright-small”>®</span> machines
  • Phosphate & Chlorine-free
  • Removes coffee oils & residue
  • Improved coffee taste
  • Readily dissolves & odourless
  • Includes 30 cleaning tablets
  • Not a descaler: Please also descale regularly
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Caffenu® Double Action cleaning tablets for Jura® coffee machines are meticulously designed and formulated to clean and protect Jura® machines. The tablets serve to effectively clean coffee oil and residue build-up from brewing units and brewing circuits of Jura® coffee machines. Thus ensuring quality coffee and exceptional machine performance.

The Double Action cleaning tablet is designed for all Jura® coffee machines, including but not limited to: Jura® Z10, Jura® S8, Jura® E8, Jura® GIGA X8c, Jura® GIGA X8.

Clean and protect your machine; these remarkable coffee machines must be maintained to ensure longevity and performance. Therefore, periodic cleaning is required to achieve consistent and optimal performance. Cleaning will prolong the lifespan of your machine and result in better-tasting coffee.

Includes 30 cleaning cycles.

Why the Caffenu® cleaning tablet?

Owning a high-end coffee machine such as Jura® requires consistent maintenance and care; ensuring the machine’s prolonged lifespan and performance. Unlike many other automatic coffee machines, you cannot remove the brewing unit from Jura® machines, making it essential to adopt a cleaning routine.

Furthermore, routine cleaning ensures the removal and prevention of old coffee build-up, germs and foul odours. Additionally, cleaning also removes potential blockage that could build up, and lead to equipment malfunction and costly repairs.

These Double Action cleaning tablets protect and clean your Jura® machine’s internal components in an efficient and safe manner. The robust formula circulates through the machine where your coffee is brewed. Ensuring the next time you have a cup, it is only freshly brewed coffee you are drinking.


Machine compatibility

Suitable for all Home and Pro Jura® coffee machines:

Jura® Z10
Jura® S8
Jura® E8
Jura® E6
Jura® E6
Jura® WE8
Jura® GIGA X8c
Jura® GIGA X8
Jura® GIGA X3c
Jura® GIGA X3
Jura® X8




What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Don’t forget that you also need to descale your machine. The cleaning tablet functions by circulating through the brewing area of your Jura® machine. However, you need a descaling liquid to remove limescale, minerals and rust from the pipes, boiler and thermoblock of your brewer.




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