How dirty is your Nespresso® machine?

Are you aware of what hides inside your coffee machine? The problem we see on a daily basis with coffee machines, specifically Nespresso® coffee machines, is that they collect a fair amount of oils, tannins and granular build up inside the brewing chamber of the coffee machine. Every time you use your Nespresso® coffee machine to make a coffee, some residue stays behind in the brewing chamber that you cannot get rid of with conventional cleaning methods, not even by descaling your machine.

The problem has been increased by the advent of new products on the market like flavoured coffees, tea capsules, milk and chocolate powdered capsules. These all leave residues and flavours behind that can ruin your next drink and eventually block and damage your Nespresso® machine.

Caffenu® has a simple solution. The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules gets rid of all residue and build up inside your Nespresso® coffee machine in just 2 minutes. Have a look at the results below. This is how the inside of the coffee machines looked before and after only using one Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule!

BEFORE: Dirty spout of a Nespresso® machine
AFTER: The Caffenu® cleaning capsule removed all the dirty blockages


Machine Care

The powerful cleaning and foaming properties released by the capsule removes all debris build up within the brewing chamber of your Nespresso® machine. This reduces the pressure build up and load on the machine and it’s components, extending the lifespan of your coffee machine.


100% Safe

The cleaning agent inside the capsule is an SABS food safe product, made from biodegradable and organic materials. It’s trusted quality makes it one of the market leaders for use in the commercial food industry.


Quick and easy to

Cleaning your Nespresso® machine is now as easy as making a cup of coffee. The capsule quickly and conveniently delivers the full cleaning power directly into the brewing chamber of your machine, cleaning inaccessible areas at the press of a button.


Coffee Flavour

The cleaning agent is a powerful degreaser that gets rid of all the residual oils, odours and bitter tannins in your Nespresso® machine. Using the cleaning capsule after every 30 coffees will ensure that every cup of coffee tastes the way it should to the very last drop, preserving the flavour of your coffee and it’s unique aroma.