customer feedback

Mikhael Bou-Rjeily

Coffee is a very oily beverage. Every time you extract a shot of espresso, it leaves a layer of oil behind in the machine. If you let that sit, that layer becomes hard. So you need to clean it. If you don´t do that, you cannot expect your espresso to taste good, it doesn´t matter what machine you use. And it will lead to blockage. The cleaning capsule is a unique invention, I support the product 100%.

Mikhael Bou-Rjeily / Award-winning Barista
David Donde

A clean coffee machine is vital. Anything else is gonna give you bitter coffee no matter what coffee or technique you use, and the oil build up inside the coffee machine is a given. Clean your coffee machine, it is not a maybe, it is a must!

David Donde / Founder of Truth Coffee
Leah Armstrong

Our Nespresso machine stopped working, the coffee came out drop by drop so we figured it’s time for it to retire. I really don’t like just throwing things away though, so did some research and found Caffenu. We ran a few Cleaning Capsules through the machine. After a long reverential silence at what came out, we made a coffee and the machine worked! It just needed a good clean all along. And now we clean our machine regularly.

Leah Armstrong / Nespresso User
Carol Louw

The product is easy to use – and easy to dispose of – overall I think a very good idea. I was not sure what to expect but I did notice the cloudy water. I rinsed the machine out afterwards, quite a lot, as I was concerned that there might be an after taste from the cleaning capsule – but there was not, so good quality. I am happy that I am cleaning my machine regularly and that it looks good and I feel better knowing that I am not serving up unclean coffee.

Carol Louw / Nespresso User
Janine Milner

I love the Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule. It cleaned my machine so well I have never cleaned it.

Janine Milner / Nespresso User
Megan Muller

Professional Baristas need to clean their equipment every single day. The cleaning capsule makes it possible for Nespresso machine owners to finally clean the chamber where the coffee is brewed. Fantastic product!

Megan Muller / Professional Barista Trainer