Safe & Clean Cleaning Pods by Caffenu®

Compatible with Keurig® K-Cup®

Safe & Clean Cleaning Pods

Compatible with all Keurig® K-Cup® brewers including Keurig® 2.0

  • Cleans the inside of your brewer
  • As easy as making a cup of coffee
  • Premium, eco-friendly ingredients
  • 100% Natural & Safe to use
  • Eliminates foul coffee oils and bacteria
  • Improves coffee flow and flavour
  • Extends lifespan & performance of brewer
  • Odourless and leaves no residue
  • Capsules are fully recyclable
  • Intertek Certified, read more here
  • Choose 8 x cleaning pods, or 24 x cleaning pods
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Watch video on how to use the Caffenu® cleaning pods

Maintaining your Keurig® K-Cup® brewer is now easier than ever. Remove tough, foul coffee oils, odours, and germs at the press of a button.

Simply insert the Caffenu® cleaning pod as you would a coffee pod. Run, rinse, ready. Watch the video to the left or follow the easy Step by Step guide to cleaning ALL brewers except Mini Ranges.*


Product info


Do you know that Keurig® brewers can become hosts to several kinds of bacteria? This is because of the heat and moisture that develops in and around certain parts of the brewer, such as the brewing circuit and needle.

The Safe & Clean Keurig® K-Cup® compatible cleaning pod was carefully formulated with a unique foaming action to effectively clean hard-to-reach areas of your Keurig® brewer.

The premium and eco-friendly ingredients inside the pods cleanse parts of the brewer that plain water won’t clean, ensuring a spotless and bacteria-free brewing circuit. Thorough cleaning results in fresh, better-tasting coffee, and an improved K-Cup® brewer performance.

The fail-safe Safe & Clean cleaning pod is made up of premium, food-safe ingredients, making it 100% natural and safe to use. The pod is convenient and fully recyclable.

The Keurig® K-Cup® compatible cleaning pod eliminates foul oils and odours, improving the taste of your coffee. Furthermore, this cleaning pod extends the lifespan and performance of K-Cup® brewers.

The cleaning pods are also ideal for use when switching between beverages such as tea, flavoured coffee, or hot chocolate. Ideally use after 30 cups made, or at least once a month.

Why the Caffenu® cleaning pod?

Your coffee pod brewer can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and yeast. This is due to the heat and moisture created with each coffee brewed. Additionally, coffee residue collects in the brewing circuit, making the environment more attractive to bacteria and other build-ups.

Each time you brew a coffee, a layer of oil builds up in your brewer. This can turn stale and affect the taste and smell of your coffee, but more importantly your well-being and health.

Be advised that this area can’t be cleaned with techniques like hot water flushing or even descaling. This part of the brewing circuit is tough to penetrate and requires unique foaming action to access and effectively clean a Keurig’s® brewing circuit.

The Safe & Clean cleaning pod releases an advanced foaming agent that eliminates all build-up and germs from your coffee brewer, in just 2 minutes.


Millions of happy customers

5 stars review

Awesome product. I bought them to clean the Keurig at work. Glad I did. I cant believe how much gunk comes out.

Amazon Customer purchased Caffenu cleaning pods for Keurig K-Cup

5 stars review

I have a three year old Keurig which was starting to give me problems. I looked up “how to clean a Keurig” hoping this would save me from buying a new one.

These pods really worked, my coffee is coming out hot and all the problems I had previously went away.

I just bought extra for family members, for their Keurigs too.

Amazon Customer purchased Caffenu cleaning pods for Keurig K-Cup

5 stars review

Well…let me ad my kudos to the rest! IT REALLY WORKS.
This morning cup is outstanding.

Carey Goodwin purchased Caffenu cleaning pods for Keurig K-Cup

5 stars review

These pods are the easiest way to clean a Keurig. The work quickly and I was surprised to see how much residue the removed from the coffee maker. I won’t be without these in the future.

A. Harryman purchased Caffenu cleaning pods for Keurig K-Cup


There are many reasons why coffee brewers should be frequently cleaned, but if you need more convincing, then have a look at the below images. See how our cleaning pods transform dirty coffee brewers into clean, good-as-new coffee brewers.

Keurig® K-Cup® pod chamber before cleaning

Swipe right for after

Keurig® K-Cup® pod chamber after cleaning

Swipe left for before

Water from a Keurig® K-Cup® before cleaning

Swipe right for after

Water from a Keurig® K-Cup® after cleaning

Swipe left for before


Choose your option

The Safe & Clean Cleaning Pods are available in packs of 8 and 24. Get the best value for money with the 24 Pod Value Pack!

8 Cleaning Pods

  • Includes 8 cleaning pods for Keurig® K-Cup® brewers

24 Cleaning Pods

  • Includes 24 cleaning pods for Keurig® K-Cup® brewers

Machine compatibility

Compatible with all Keurig® K-Cup® brewers including Keurig® 1.0. and 2.0.

K-Supreme Plus®
Keurig® K-mix®
Keurig® K-Elite®
Keurig® K-Select®
K-Café® Special Edition



What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Safe & Clean cleaning pods serve a different purpose to our descaler. When you use a cleaning pod, it clears old coffee oil and residue from the front region of your brewer. Thus ensuring the brewing circuit is free of stale build-up and bacteria.

However, Descaling maintains the back part of the brewer. The descaler removes limescale and calcium deposits from the internal parts, such as the piping, heating element, and pump.




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