Caffenu® Descaling & Cleaning Kit

Compatible with Nespresso® Original Coffee Machines

Caffenu® Descaling & Cleaning Kit

Compatible with Nespresso® Original coffee machines

  • Convenient all-in-one Kit
  • Cleans & descales
  • Maintains entire machine
  • Removes limescale & bacteria
  • 100% Natural & Safe to use
  • Phosphate-free & eco-friendly
  • Improves coffee flow & taste
  • Extends lifespan of machine
  • Odourless and leaves no residue
  • Intertek Certified, read more here
  • Includes 4 cleaning capsules & 1 x 100ml Eco descaler (one dose)
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Are you aware that Nespresso® Original coffee machines accumulate unwanted build-up in and around multiple parts of the coffee machine? Areas like the brewing chamber, spout, and nozzle collect old coffee oil and residue. This can cause slow and poor flow, and also bitter tasting coffee.

Additionally, the capsule machine’s heating element and thermoblock build up limescale and mineral deposits. Together, these build-ups in the machine can lead to poor-tasting coffee, and machine malfunction.

The Caffenu® descaling and cleaning kit was developed to conveniently maintain your Nespresso® Original coffee machine, ensuring proper machine performance and quality coffee.

The entire kit is formulated with ingredients that are friendly to the environment while remaining effective in maintaining and cleaning Nespresso® coffee capsule machines.

Take care of your Nespresso® Original capsule machine with a complete maintenance kit and enjoy a machine with increased lifespan and performance.

The cleaning capsules are also perfect for use when switching between beverages such as tea, flavoured coffee, or hot chocolate. Ideally use after 30 cups made, or at least once a month. Descaling on the other hand we’d recommend to do every 2-4 months.

Why the Caffenu® cleaning and descaling kit?

Your Nespresso® machine can become a home to bacteria which feeds on old coffee oils and thrives on the heat and moisture created with each coffee brewed. Furthermore, the coffee residue left behind in the brewing chamber and washer plate can eventually turn stale and cause foul smells.

Apart from the brew chamber, the heating element and thermoblock in these machines can gather limescale and mineral deposits due to water hardness. The harder the water, the quicker the element and piping are at risk of building up limescale, causing the element to perform poorly. This can then lead to machine malfunction and cold coffee.

Nespresso® machines can’t be effectively maintained by regular means of just flushing with hot water and using vinegar. It is best to use products specifically formulated to care for these machines.

The Caffenu® descaling and cleaning kit will clean and maintain your machine without much effort and time. Give it a try for hotter and better tasting coffee.


Millions of happy customers

5 stars review

I was amazed how much coffee residue was in the diamond plate and downstream.. I clean my machine as per Nespresso. But with this product I got it a lot cleaner…. Very good.

Eric purchased Caffenu Descaling and Cleaning Kit for Nespresso Original

5 stars review

Super easy to use the cleaning capsules and the descaling agent for the Nespresso machine with the operating instructions easy to handle. I can warmly recommend it!

Thomas purchased Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit for Nespresso Original

5 stars review

Great product and works well with Nespresso machine. Results were immediate and I will definitely buy it again.

Yolandi purchased Caffenu Descaling & Cleaning Kit for Nespresso Original

South Africa

Have a look at the below images to see why you should frequently descale and clean your coffee capsule machine. Using the right tools can make a massive difference to the state of your coffee machine, and of course, the taste of your coffee.

Limescale on heating element

Swipe right for after

Spotless heating element after descaling

Swipe left for before

Dirty spout of a Nespresso® Original machine

Swipe right for after

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule removed all the dirty blockages

Swipe left for before

Machine compatibility

The Caffenu® descaling and cleaning kit is compatible with all Original Nespresso® machines at date of manufacture including:

Le Cube®
Delonghi Latissima®
Delonghi Latissima Touch®
Delonghi Latissima Pro®

U Milk®
Grand Maestria®

This capsule is not designed for the Nespresso® VertuoLine capsule system, and has not been tested in the Miele® built in and free standing machines.

The Caffenu® cleaning capsule will also work in any Nespresso® compatible machine, as well as any machines that can use either the Nespresso® Grand Crus range of capsules or any alternative capsule designed for that system.


What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

Using a cleaning capsule and using a descaler on your machine are not the same thing. Cleaning and descaling are two entirely different processes that clean completely different parts on your coffee machine and also remove different, unwanted build-ups.

The cleaning capsule cleans the front part of your machine and removes old coffee oils out of the brewing chamber of your machine.

The descaler on the other hand works only on the back part, removing limescale and calcium deposits from your machine’s internal components.

The truth is, both processes are required for your coffee machine to function optimally, so don’t skip a step.



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How to clean your Nespresso® Coffee Machine with Caffenu® Cleaning Capsules

See how easy it is to use the cleaning capsule on your Nespresso® Original coffee machine. Insert like a coffee capsule, run, rinse ready!

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How to Descale your Nespresso® Coffee Machine with the Caffenu® Eco Descaler

Create the descaling solution, fill it into the water tank of your Nespresso® machine. Run it. As easy as that!

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