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Caffenu® Cleaning Pods for Nespresso® Vertuo®

Compatible with Nespresso® VertuoLine® Coffee Machines

Caffenu® Cleaning Pods

Compatible with Nespresso® VertuoLine® Machines

  • Cleans & maintains all Nespresso® Vertuo® machines
  • Potent foaming action for effective cleaning
  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Eliminates coffee stains, odors & bacteria
  • Improves coffee flow and flavor
  • Odorless & leaves zero residue
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Includes 4 pods for Nespresso® Vertuo®
  • Not a descaler: Please also descale regularly
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How to

Watch video on how to use the Caffenu® cleaning capsules

Cleaning your Nespresso® Original machine could not be easier! Remove old coffee oils, odours, and germs at the simple press of a button, thanks to this unique cleaning innovation.

Simply insert the Caffenu® cleaning capsule as you would a coffee capsule. Watch the video to the left or follow the easy Step by Step guide below. Clean after every 30 coffees made.

Insert pod like you would a coffee pod. Close & lock machine.

Press button swiftly 3 times to start the cleaning cycle.

Eject and dispose of the cleaning pod. Close & lock machine.

Press button swiftly 3 times to start the rinsing cycle.

Product info


Do you know that Nespresso® VertuoLine® machines gather coffee oil and residue in the brewing chamber and spout? In fact, this oil and residue build-up can turn stale when left to accumulate; leaving a foul smell in the chamber.

Additionally, failure to clean a Vertuo® machine can lead to immense build-up in the spout, resulting in poor coffee flow and possibly irreparable machine damage.

The Caffenu® cleaning pod for Nespresso® Vertuo® was formulated with a potent foaming action to effectively clean and flush out coffee oil and residue from your Nespresso® Vertuo® coffee machine.

Its potent, yet eco-friendly ingredients clean the machine like plain water or a descaler simply cannot do, thus ensuring a clean coffee spout and brew chamber, free of blockage.

The approved Caffenu® cleaning pod consists of eco-friendly ingredients, making it 100% natural and safe to use. The pod is easy to use (just like a coffee pod); making cleaning quick and simple.

Use a cleaning pod at least after 30 cups of coffee made, or at least once a month.

Why the Caffenu® cleaning pod?

Your VertuoLine® pod machine could become a hive for mold and bacteria. This is due to the heat and moisture produced by each cup of coffee brewed. The coffee residue that accumulates in the brew chamber is also a major attraction for mold.

Each time you brew coffee, oil and residue remain in your machine. This can affect the performance of your machine as well as the taste of your coffee. Furthermore, neglecting to remove mold and bacterial growth could lead to illness.

Effectively cleaning and removing unwanted build-up from VertuoLine® machines is highly recommended to ensure optimal performance and the longevity of your machine.

Our Caffenu® cleaning pod ejects an advanced cleaning agent that flushes stale coffee residue and oils from all Nespresso® Vertuo® pod machines. Therefore extending the lifespan and performance of these machines.


Have a look at the below images, illustrating the build-up of coffee oils and residue; showing you why you should consider cleaning your coffee machine. The build-up accumulates with each coffee you brew, but also finds its way into your cup.


Dirty brew needle before cleaning

Swipe right for after

Clean brew needle after 1 Caffenu® cleaning pod

Swipe left for before

Dirty brew chamber before cleaning

Swipe right for after

Clean brew chamber after 1 Caffenu® cleaning pod

Swipe left for before

Machine compatibility

The Caffenu® cleaning pod is compatible with all Nespresso® VertuoLine® coffee machines at date of manufacture including:



This capsule is not designed for the Nespresso® OriginalLine or Nespresso® Professional capsule systems.


What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

The cleaning pod for Nespresso® VertuoLine® cleans the front region of your machine, flushing out old coffee oils and residue from the brewing chamber and spout of your machine.

Descaling, however, works on the back area, removing limescale and calcium deposits from your machine’s internal components such as the piping and boiler.



Play button Watch now

Clean your Nespresso® Vertuo® Machine with ease

Effectively cleaning your Nespresso® Vertuo® machine is now possible, and can be done in little time. Enjoy a clean machine, and fresh coffee!

Watch now
Play button Watch now

Watch The Caffenu® Vertuo® Cleaning Pod in Action

It works its magic inside the brew unit! The Cleaning Pod removes tough, foul coffee oils, odours, and germs. All at the press of a button!

Watch now
Play button Watch now

Watch video on how to use the Caffenu® Cleaning Pod for Vertuo®

Simply insert the Caffenu® cleaning capsule as you would a coffee capsule. Clean after every 30 coffees made.

Watch now



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